Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some updates from me...

Salaam Everyone!!

First off, Happy Independence Day to all my American friends....  Hope you all enjoyed the festivities.

I am now in my 5th month of pregnancy.  Alhamdulillah!  I am truly amazed at what we as women can do with our bodies.  I have an ongoing battle with swelling.  No amount of walking, water intake or elevation will get rid of this.  Matter of fact, it was so bad today I could not put on my flip flops (keep in mind I bought them 4 sizes larger than I normally wear) which made me reach for my phone and take the day off.  Hard to go to work with out shoes!  LOOL  I feel the baby move more and more every day.  It leaves me in awe.  This is something I have wanted my whole life so it is a bit surreal that it is actually happening!  Mashallah!

We are almost moved into the final house we saw.  I can not wait to be completely in but when you are 5 months pregnant, work for 9 hours a day and it is on average 120 degrees outside, you tend to move a bit slow.

As for the second wife issue.  I do my best not to think too much about it.  I have too much more to focus on in my life right now...like getting my shoes to fit.  : =)  It is what it is and it's just time to move on from that topic.  Sure, I still have my freak out sessions but life is too short.  I love my husband, my life and my home.  Why keep fussing over something that is halal?  Leave it be.

Hmm.. What else is going on?  Ohh, I have 3 fast days to make up from last year but I am not sure if I will do them.   They say you can fast while pregnant but I really do not think that is something I will choose to do.  August, Middle East, pregnant and no water?...That really is not that tough of a decision to make.  My babies health comes first.  Although my waist line could afford to fast a few days...Sheesh!  I  am a big lard butt these days..  I am sure packing on the pounds..  It seems to have happened over night.  I was so sick in the beginning and now I cant get enough to eat.  Before I knew it, 10 kilos added on to the scale.  May God help me!

Hugs to all of you out there!  Take care....be safe.



  1. salaam alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah you are now in your 2nd trimester (I found the second trimester to be so much easier than the 1st). How exciting that you guys are moving soon! We also moved when I was 5/6 months pregnant. As for the weight, I too started off sick and actually lost a kg or too until my second semester.All of a sudden I felt hungry every minute of the day and couldnt stop eating. I ended up gaining 20 kg during my whole pregnancy, eek! But, to make you feel better =) I lost 15 kgs the first month after I gave birth to my daughter. A lot of it was water retention (which seems to be your case as well) and breastfeeding also sped up the weight loss! InshaAllah the rest of your pregnancy will be comfortable and easy. Have you decided on names for your babies?

  2. oops I meant 25 kgs (so dont feel too bad, plus your having twins so you have an excuse to eat more =)

  3. @ Rene.. Salaam! Yes I agree that the second trimester is so much better than the first. I feel so much better and not wanting to puke every few hours is a plus. The weight is scary to me but inshallah, after the baby comes I will worry about that more. As for the two babies, not anymore. I found out at my 3 month check up that only one baby was there and surviving. Alhamdulullah! I am blessed with one baby. The second one just didn't think it was time to be born. All in Gods time.

  4. ohh, I forgot about the names. I have no idea what this child's name will be. My husband is keeping it top secret. I will know when he/she is born. Ughhh.. Frustrating.. :-)

  5. Im truly sorry for the loss of the one baby, alhamdulillah the other baby is healthy! InshaAllah you'll love the name your husband chooses! =)
    I remember a week before safiya was born my husband and I still couldnt decide on a name. We ended up drawing names (best out of 3) and kept getting the same name (the one I chose lol). After she was born and we had named her, I actually wished I could change her name to the name my husband chose (ayah) lol. Now, her name has grown on both of us, alhamdulillah!

  6. Salaam alaikum!
    It's really nice reading an update from you sis, alhamdolillah that everything seems to be progressing well (lol, appart from the shoes not fitting). Also, alhamdolillah that you're almost all moved into your new place! That's very exciting! As for fasting, just do what you feel is best insh'Allah. Every pregnancy is different; I know of women who have fasted during their pregnancies, and also of women who have forgon fasting and just made it up later after their babies were born. Do what you feel is best for you and your baby. Do you think you'll still be working after the baby comes?

  7. Asalamun'Alakum


    The second trimester is the easiest. Just put your feet up. The reason you swollen feet is due to the restriction by the muslces and vessels in the legs and wrists. It is bound to get better...after birth.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  8. I have started reading you a couple of weeks ago. I am delighted to hear how much you appreciate your pregnancy. 5 months already! I am also amazed at this wonderful chance we have as women to experience giving birth.
    Wishing you all the best and may God bless you with multiple graces. Take care

  9. @Rene... I wish I knew the name but inshallah, my husband will do a good job. As for the name Ayah, that is my Muslim name. :) I took that when I took my shahada. Mashallah! Good name.

    @Ayah.. Yes, I am so happy to be almost moved in. Hopefully tonight we will stay there, Inshallah. As for working when I have the baby.. Yes. I will always work. I love my job now, the previous one was awful! So Alhamdulillah, as long as I can, I will work. I think I will reduce my work hours after the baby is born of course. And I plan on taking 4 months off from work, inshallah.

    @Muslim Butterfly , Yes. I have to agree with you that this is the easy section of pregnancy. The first half was less to be desired.

    @MarieHarmony. Welcome to my blog! Yes, alhamdulillah, I appreciate it so much. For years I have wanted a child and to finally be blessed with one is amazing. It is something I will forever cherish.

  10. Salam Daisy,

    I am glad that you and your baby are doing well, sorry for you lose on your second baby. May Allah give him/her peace and joy in his Kingdom.
    Congratulations on moving again!! :) I'm sure you will be so happy once it is done.

    By the way Happy 4th of July!! :)

  11. Salaams my dear sister!!! ...hope you still remember me, LOL!! Just thought I would drop by and see how you are keeping. I've yet to go back and catch up... sorry, I've been battling my battles here... but from the bit you wrote here, it makes me so happy to hear you this strong!! Alhamdulillah!! Many many hugs to you!! and InshaAllah I'll try to come pay you a visit more often.


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