Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peaceful protesters?? Hmm.. You decide

So I have kept pretty quiet about the issues in Bahrain.  First because I was out of the country and then wanted to figure out myself what was going on because I had heard so many conflicting reports.  Now I know...

Remember when I said in a previous post.."Is this the calm before the storm??" Well, how true it was..

They call themselves peaceful.. They say they are just demanding their rights.  How do you go about a peaceful protest?  Setting fires, spreading false reports, attacking and killing poor migrant workers?  I know how you can do it.. how about cut out the tongue of a local Imam because you feel he should not say the Sunni Azthan in a "Shia Country". They even cut the tongue out of a Pakistani migrant worker!!!

Well, just because you have 4 wives and each of those wives have babies and babies and babies who then grow up for you to send out on the street to burn tires, does not make you the majority.  Anyways....

I was one, initially, who thought the Bahraini government was wrong.  Let them be I said.  Let them protest and why are you shooting at them.  My husband and I fought about this after the first "attack" on the "peaceful protesters" at the roundabout back in Feb.  He said to me...peaceful now but just wait.

Now new information has enlightened me, so to speak.  I know of people that were at the roundabout.  They saw first hand the things that went on there.  They even had a temporary marriage tent set up there (Mut'ah) so if you felt the urge you could marry for the hour...ewww!

Then they started attacking migrant workers, colleges, running over police officers...you name it they did it.  They were even faking injures.  I saw a video of it with my own eyes taken at the roundabout.  A woman had a tent set up there where people would go, they would have makeup put on them to make it seem as if they were beaten.  I understand some clashes with the riot police and BDF caused some injuries, but when they were not getting the media attention they had to create it..... How many of you heard that Salmananiya Hospital was overrun with casualties and police and army were attacking the injured....yeah, me too.  You will see from the videos below that this is not the case.  How about when the roundabout was finally cleared , you heard the military was setting fire to the tents??!  haha... soooooooooooo not true!  Again, the video does not lie.

The attacks on the innocent migrant workers is appalling.  These poor souls were caught in the middle and just because they were weak, they were a target.  On top of this all, there are reports that hostages were taken during this time period.

May God punish all the wrong doers in this world!  May He hold them all accountable for their actions and give the oppressed their day in paradise... Amen!

Terrorists attacking Pakistani residents in Bahrain

What really happened in Bahrain Salmaniya Hospital

Police office being beaten and run over by "Peaceful Protesters"

Maybe they were cold? Needed to warm up before they head out to their peaceful rally?

This I believe is the most important one to watch. It is the clearing of the Pearl roundabout.

There are more...plenty more. Just take the moment, if interested, to search youtube and google. You will find a pleathera of information. I understand that there are people out there that will disagree with this information. That is ok. I live here, and I see what is happening. The world we live in gives us the right to disagree...However, this is my blog and my views....

Take this information and draw your own conclusion. I did.


Salaam Alaikum!!!  :)

I had to breath a bit after reading some blogs this morning that combine misyar and mut'ah marriage as being the same thing only under a different name.

Brothers and Sisters....please!!!  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING...  Some people equate it to a form of prostitution.  Hmmmm.. I think thats a stretch.

Mut'ah is a temporary marriage that can be decided in the contract to be lasting from a few hours, days to indefinite.  No where in a Misyar contract does it state an end.  The difference between a "normal" Islamic marriage and a Misyar is the woman forgoing of some of her rights.  Such as..... time division, financial support or anything along those lines.  If a woman needs to take care of her family (parents) and can not leave them but still wants the love and support of a husband, she can marry him and "forgo" her right to housing.   You may say its wrong but you can not deny that all conditions are met for an Islamic Marriage.  Mahr, witnesses, wali  and announcement

.In a Mut'ah marriage, which had its very own marriage tent at the Shia protests here in Bahrain that came equipped with their very own Mut'ah marriage guy, they can decide on how long they would like to be married, how much money they want and how long it will take them to be "satisfied"  hence deciding the length of the marriage contract.  I am not sure if all Mut'ah marriage contracts are like this but this is what they had going on at the Pearl Roundabout.

My husband is married to a wonderful girl who, unfortunately, is unable to come to our country at this time.  They signed the contract knowing he would not have to provide her equal time or housing at this time.  When she is able to come, inshallah in a few months, then that will be null and void. She had her walli, mahr and witnesses as well as announcement.  Please dont tell me this in not a valid marriage or that it is in the same category as a Mut'ah!!  Give me some proof is this is what you claim.

Lets recap....

Mut'ah =temporary as defined in the contract
Misya= voluntarily giving up certain rights such as time allowance or money.  NO WHERE IN THE CONTRACT IS THERE AN END DATE!!!!

I understand that in ideal situations this would not have to happen.  The husband should be responsible for everything for his wife...but, I believe, that if is suits the situation and all conditions of the marriage are met, who are we to say it is wrong, prostitution, or a Mut'ah???!  What about a "traditional contract" and the husband is away on business 9 months out of the year?  Does that make their contract invalid?  Do you claim that this is a prostitution marriage?

Opinions are wonderful, you, me and everyone are entitled to them...Mashallah!  But proof is better than opinions.

I know I have touched base on this issue before but this morning it is really irritating me and I just had to let it out.  loool

Monday, March 28, 2011

He is in his own little world...

Salaam Alaikum .....

My husband has just gotten the new Blackberry Torch....It will be a while before we see him again.  I for one have never really gotten into the little electronic gadgets.  For one, I believe its a big waste of time, two..they confuse the heck out of me!!  haha  If it takes 6 months to learn how to operate something just for it to go out of date the very next week seems like a big waste of time and money.  I have my laptop, which is pretty basic and an Ipad that he got me for my birthday which I am still trying to figure out.  That was almost 3 months ago..  LOOL

So, this is my dilemma being married to an IT tech guy.  Could be worse...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Explain your reasoning...

Salaam Alaikum to you all...

I have a topic that I have wanted to address for quite some time now.  I have read on other peoples blog posts, comments and have had many comments on my own blog pertaining to this as well.  These are some of the statements people that make that I believe are false...

*A husband can not marry without his wives permission.
*A husband can not marry more than one.....it's really not halal.
*A husband can only marry another wife if the first is ugly, barren or crazy
*A husband can only marry another wife if he is rich.
*You, first wife, should have a new house, car, and many things before your husband marries again.
*Your husband can only marry someone that is divorced with children.

I am sure there are more "statements" that I can not think of at this moment.  If any of you have heard any of these crazy statements...please share them.

Listen, whether we(women) like it or not, ALLAH swt in his infinite wisdom has mad polygyny halal.  HE said that they can marry 2, 3 or 4 but must remain just between them.

I am not a polygyny advocate.  My husband has married again and I have accepted this as a part of my life.  I am not ugly, crazy or barren.....LOOOOL

I am looking for CLEAR PROOF AND EVIDENCE..  Not just opinions.  If you are going to go against something that ALLAH swt has decreed , I and everyone else, would like to know how you come to that conclusion.  Hadiths, ayats...something to make the above statements true.

Thanks...  :)  I look forward to this conversation..  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In a daze

Salaam Alaikum everyone....

I sit here in a daze.  I still do not know what to do with myself.  haha.  It has been 4 days since I found out I was pregnant and I still feel like its a dream.  Mashallah!!  I am forever gazing at the "stick".. (yes, I still have it...cant bring myself to throw it away.  It's almost as if it is a reminder for me)  I will look at the paper the Dr. gave me..  In big letters on the lab paperwork it says..  PREGNANCY POSITIVE.

I feel as if I can cry and laugh at the same time.  I am scared and unsure of the future.  I dont do well with change..haha  I guess I will need to start adapting hu?

As for the news with the co-wife, she will be coming here in July, Inshallah.  I am actually looking forward to it as her and I have formed an amazing bond and friendship.  Since my family is not here with me, she is the Sister I need right now.  Mashallah!  My husband is working harder and harder lately and doing his best to get his businesses in order since the recent disturbances in Bahrain.  It really would be nice to have someone here with me that knows what I am going thru.  Someone that can help me out.... Inshallah, it will work out.  Allah knows best.  He has created a plan for us all.  I pray every day that I dont let HIM down.....

I am starting to feel some of the effects of pregnancy.  Now that the cold is going away...  thank you to all for your home remedies... I found that the ginger helped a great deal.
I dont have much of an appetite and my energy is pretty much zapped out of me.  I am pretty upset with myself for not loosing the weight I put on since I got married (30 lbs) before this pregnancy.  I can only imagine what I will be like in the upcoming months...ughhh... Allah knows best!  Maybe the extra weight is needed to ensure the healthy pregnancy...we never know what is bad for us may turn out good.. I keep reminding myself to this.  My top half  is no longer me.. haha.  I think they were switched out while I slept. They are killing me!  I really dont think they belong to me..hahah  I will check the lost and found and see if someone lost them.  ;)

Anyways...thats me today.

Here is a nice video that I came across... Enjoy..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Salaam Alaikum Everyone...

I need some help.  I am coughing to beat the band here and I am at a loss as to what I can take now that I have a "little Daisy"  on board.  I have been doing tea with honey and lemon, that helps for a little bit...then I lie down and I start coughing again.  I have tried eating a teaspoon of honey.  That seems to coat the throat but I am just miserable with this cold.  I have body aches and stuffy nose...ughhh.  I take one panadol (tylenol) a day and even that scares me.

Aside from tea, honey, lemon, vicks and throat losengers....any other suggestion??  This girl needs some sleep...ASAP.  Jet lag, new pregnancy, and a cold make for a crabby woman....  LOOL

Some updates from me...

As Salaam Alaikum World....

Wow... I have had an interesting few months. I am back in Bahrain after being in the States for a month. I am glad to be back regardless of the issues going on here. All in all, I feel safe and confident in our Government to deal with the thugs who caused this.

My mother is doing well, ALHAMDULILLAH... She has recovered beyond anyones expectations. When you look at her its hard to imagine that she had 2 brain aneurisims.... I spent time with family and reconciled a wonderful relationship with my Cousin.....Mashallah!

I missed my cats....hahaha Sooo...time to come home.

I also came home with a nasty cold.  You name it I had it.  I am now starting to feel a little better and thank God, I have gotten my voice back.  Now if I can just get rid of the cough..

I am now not working....I am thinking about starting to look for a job. Nothing as stressful as what I had before..but something to keep me busy none the less. There is just one problem with that. I am not sure I will be hire able.....







Daisy is going to be a MOM!!!!!!!  Whoop Whoop!!!  Praise ALLAH!!

I am still in a state of shock.  I will post more when I can get my head out of the clouds.!!!  This has been a year long journey for us and to say that we are excited is an understatement......

Stay tuned....  :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Working Women??

Salaam to all of you out there...

I am still in the States with family.  I am enjoying my time with family and loving the snow and cold weather.  I love watching my husband when it snows and he was so happy that he made his first snowman the other day.  It was cute to watch.  :)

So..I am posing a question to you all.  Should women work outside of the home in an Islamic family?  I am really torn right now.  I was in a Christian marriage for 13 years and have worked since the age of 15.  When I moved to Bahrain I started working at an Islamic Investment company and to say it is/was stressful is an understatement.  Then I got married.  It went from unbearable to IMPOSSIBLE!!  Working long hours and then taking care of my new husband and home has put its toll on me.  The stress level is thru the roof and when you are trying to get pregnant ... its just not a good combination.  I can honestly say that working in the Middle East is much different than in the States.  I have never been in such a "cut throat and rude" environment in my life.  After toiling with the decision to quit, I sent in my resignation the other day..... ALHAMDULLILAH!!!  I am now "unemployed"  haha

My question is this....what should I do now?  Stay at home and focus on getting pregnant, strengthen my deen or go back out in the workforce?  I am confused on what my role should be.....

Any suggestions?

Friday, March 4, 2011


                                                         Just shoot me and get it over with................

The new wife

Salaam Alaikum....

How do I switch from the only wife to one of two?  How do I keep these feelings of sadness in check?  When will my life stop feeling like a funeral?

I am in the US visiting my family but all I can think of is sharing my husband.  As I sit here now he is chatting with his new wife.  I don't know how to do this.

I don't know if I want this.