Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Has the time come?....

Salaam Everyone...

I am sitting here, waiting for baby, thinking that my blogging days may be coming to an end sometime soon.  I started this blog a year ago and I think that it has run it's course.

I met some amazing friends along the way and learned to stay away from the comments of the "professional bloggers"  * Still don't like you, you know who you are.  Wondering, have you gotten a real job or hobby yet?

I have so gotten such helpful advice from all of you and your words of wisdom have gotten me thru some pretty nasty days.

Anyway, now that baby boy will be making his grand entrance any day now, I think it's best that I focus more on him and my relationship with my husband.  I truly hope that one day soon, my religion will play a role in my life once more.  I seemed to have lost my urge to practice this deen as I struggle with my inner demons.  So much I yet do not understand and inshallah, one day I will be guided back.

So, I wont take down my blog, I just don't feel that I will be a big part of it anymore.  I will of course let you all know when Daisy finally gets to say she is officially a Mom...  :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let the wait begin...

My bag and baby's bags are all ready to go.....Now we just wait.  I am 35 weeks today and things are progressing.  If nothing before the 37 week mark, we will go in for induction.

Let the waiting game begin........

Friday, October 14, 2011

An OMG moment...

I was reading the news this morning and came across this article on Fox news.com   Still shocked........... I remember church being boring, but this must have been mind numbing!

Can you even imagine???!!!  OMG! 


Body & Mind - HEALTH

Man Hospitalized After Ripping Own Eyes Out With Bare Hands

Published October 03, 2011
| New York Post

A man was recovering in the hospital Monday after gouging his own eyes out during Mass at a church in northwestern Italy.
Aldo Bianchini, 46, who was born in Britain but lives in Italy, tore both his eyes out with his bare hands in front of a 300-strong congregation attending the church of St. Andrea's in Viareggio, on Sunday, news agency AGI reported.
Emergency responders said Bianchini was calm and lucid when they arrived at the scene and told them a "voice told him" to rip his eyes out, according to news agency ANSA.
He was taken to the Versilia Hospital in Viareggio and his condition was described as very serious but not life threatening.
Emergency responders picked up his eyeballs from the floor of the church but they were unable to be replanted.
Gino Barbacci, the doctor who treated Bianchini, said it would have taken superhuman strength for a person to gouge their own eyes out and added he had never seen anything like it in 26 years of medical practice.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/10/03/man-rips-own-eyes-out-with-bare-hands/?intcmp=obnetwork#ixzz1akBjienf

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Iran.. Really?

So Iran is trying to get our attention....is this really the way to do it?  I don't think they realize they are poking their fanatical stick at a sleeping bear right now.  Ok, Amawhatever your name is, do you think this wise?  Lets plan to bomb a couple embassy's in the US and assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador.  What do you think will happen?  Shall we invite you for some tea and biscuits?  I know, I know... We will grant you Nuclear capabilities based solely on the size of your man parts for trying to pull this latest stunt off.

What really pisses me off is these idiots are what people in the states think Islam and Muslims are all about.  They lump us into the category with these morons and think we are all crazy!!  Iran is sooo far from what I consider true Islam.  They (Government) is fanatical and crazy.  That is a scary combination.

I think it is time the world woke up and did something before it's too late.  This regime will not be happy until it is done throwing it's little hissy fit ... then what will the outcome be?  The world will be a better place when Iran is back in its little corner leaving the rest of us alone. 

One more...

This picture is courtesy of my sister.  LOOL  This is defiantly a common sight in the Midwest, how could I have forgotten?? HAHAH.

Where I come from, missing it today..

This is the Midwest USA.  My true home.  On days like today, when I pass by security check points, see riot police by the road side with guns loaded ready to shoot whoever moves, I think back to where I came from and wonder just how crazy am I??  Nothing beats the serenity of peace and calm like my hometown.  Changing fall colors, apple picking, sunsets and carving pumpkins...ahhhh, those were nice times.

Well, at least here I get to experience full blown riots and crazy people trying to take down the government.  The sweet smell of tear gas in the air sure beats the smell of crisp Autumn breezes..........LOOOL

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big and Pregnant updates.....

As Salaam Alaikum everyone!

It's been a while since my last update.  Sorry about that, I wish I could say it was because I was busy but...haha Nope, just lazy.  :-)

I am in my 8th month and I have to tell you, the home stretch is both welcomed and scary.  I have not had an easy pregnancy as I endure daily blood thinning injections, medicine to stop preterm labor, extreme swelling to the point of not being able to walk...so needless to say, I am ready to regain a resemblance of my old self.  On the flip side of this, I have yet to have it really "sink into my head" that in a few weeks, I will have a baby!  Really?  Me?!  OMG...... Scary is an understatement.  The "what if's" float in my head continually.  Especially since I have now stopped working, due to bed rest.  So it seems I have a lot of time on my hands to freak myself out..LOOOL

I think that it is hard not having a lot of friends around me, not like I would have had in the States.  So, no friends or family equal a freaked out Daisy!

Inshallah, All will be ok.

On the Polygyny side of my life......................BIG SIGH....................................  I hate it.  More than you can imagine.  I think it is cruel and baseless in this day and age.  I think it is a reason for horny men to do what they want and be spared the ramifications of it because they hide behind the "its my religious right".  I tell my husband that I love him, but I hate his actions.  I do not like him as a person in this situation.

As for the "other one" in his life..............BIG SIGH................................... I hate it.. I hate the situation.  Thank God she is not here at the moment which means my freak out sessions are not that frequent.  I wish I could get inside the head of a woman that seeks out a married man.  Why?  You feel no guilt or shame?  You call on the phone and not wonder what might happen on the other end once your "conversation" is over?  It doesn't bother you to proclaim your love, kiss, sleep with and plan a life with someone who has a family aside from you?  Ughh.... I will never understand.

Anyways, this is why I haven't blogged.  I am too pissy lately..LOOOL

I hope you are all doing well and look for the update lately when my baby boy finally decides to make is presence known!  :)

Take care to all of you!