Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come out, come out where ever you are...

Where are the Twinkies in this country??!!  OMG......I am craving a darn twinkie and they have nothing close to that here...Ughh!  Sounds like a special request I need to send my parents for their next overseas package..hehe

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Salaam everyone....

Life is going ok for the time being.  I will be moving soon and looking forward to getting out of the place I am in. I am excited to start getting the nursery ready and buying baby things...  I cant wait!  :-)

I am into my 14th week.  I made it past the miserable 1st trimester which is something horror movies are made of!  lool.  I feel good now, despite not recognizing my ankles and feet.

My new job is wonderful.  I love the low stress environment, better people and better pay.  Great combinations..

My husband is planning his trip to see my co wife for next month after we move and get settled in.  I am wondering if I should have the locks changed while he is gone or what?  lool  I am still struggling with it and it is not getting any easier.  Just because you come to a point of "acceptance" in your life does not mean the pain in your heart goes away.

Yalla...thats all for now.  Take care to all of you out there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

To My hater ...

Ahhh , Can you feel the love??  I accedently saw "this persons" comment to me as I was going thru tons of comments I havent posted.  They wanted me to "recant" what I said..  I will not.  You said it and if you want proof, go back in my blog and see what you have wrote.. For now, chew on this...

I am in quite the mood lately and usually would not entertain these. know what/? This is MY blog...You wrote it...You own it!

This is YOUR comment, unedited to me... Two of a few.

****See that YOU DID SAY I HAD A FAKE HUSBAND??****  yeah, I dont lie...

Given that you've not yet decided whether to stay with your husband, and are dying of homesickness, how could you think of having a baby?
Also, by what right do you think it's acceptable to give a child half a father, knowing full well that your fake husband will be dividing his time between his other wife and children?
Shame on you for even considering bringing an innocent baby into such a miserable, unhealthy situation, simply out of your selfish desire to keep your husband, perhaps because you think a baby will keep him from finding another wife? Well, it WON'T. Ask any other woman who's experienced this, or better yet, ask any child who was born into such a sick situation.

What will it take?

I wonder how many Extremists and "Band wagon jumpers" will still deny that this Monster is dead after  Al-Qaeda CONFIRMED IT???? BWT..Al-Qaeda = A bunch of crazy people with warped sense of Islam and life in general. Maybe the view with their heads in the sand is nice, then again, all we see up here are a bunch of behinds....LOOOOL  Keep your head in the sand just end up showing us your true self!

I long for the day that my children can grow up and not be lumped into the same category as these crazy people who call them selfs Muslims.  They have hijacked this perfect religion for their own selfish gain and warped sense of reality.  They are NOT Muslims...They are mad men that will be punished in this life and the next, InshaAllah...

I am still doing the happy dance, still enjoying this moment of retribution and loving every moment I am an American.  Now the crazy people vow revenge...Go ahead, poke the sleeping Bear..see what happens!

Ask your self this question, were you around when the towers and Pentagon were hit?  How about the USS Cole, London bombing or the embassy in Kenya?  How old were you?  Old enough to feel fear or still jumping rope in the playground?  If you were not in these countries, felt the fear we did or were still hanging on to Mama's apron string, Please rethink your opinions as to why we feel vindicated.  We were there, ADULTS feeling this fear. We were affected....Not u!  We, and the rest of the world, have every right to be happy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ohhh Happy Day!!!

Bin Laden is Dead!!!!!  At last!  May he atone for the evil he has committed!  May he answer to his higher power!  May he rot in the ground for all eternity!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I finally believe I have found my house....I cant even begin to count how many I looked at but  I think I found the one I want.  I am very excited and can start to move in about 10 days....Whoop Whoop!!