Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arab Ramadan Soap Operas

As Salaam Alaikum Everyone...

InshaAllah, you are all well and enjoying wonderful family time, food, night prayers and all that goes along with Ramadan....

I have stopped fasting due to my health reasons and my pregnancy issues, but InshaAllah, Allah will accept my prayers and reward us all for our effort and obedience.

So, if you are anywhere in the Middle East you are aware of the thousands (slight exaggeration but not that far off) Ramadan TV shows that pop up in Ramadan every year.  I for one, find them annoying and irritating.

For starters, I find that they are always screaming.  It seems that with the Arab language, when you raise your voice, it sounds like a yell..  The acting is HORRIBLE.  I think it could be tolerable it if it wasn't so bad but I have to say it is the worst I have ever seen.   Most of the men are old and wear fake hair pieces, the women wear as much make up as a painted street walker and last but not least......most of the time the men are slapping the women!  I am not kidding.  It is sickening.  We were watching something earlier tonight and, of course, they were yelling.  I said to my husband, it comes.................SLAP!  Then they pull them by the hair!  Ugh!  I can't stand it!

Anyways.. that's my gripe of the day.  My newest pet peeve, besides a wet bathroom floor, is now Arab Soap Operas.................Why people think they are good I will never know.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am still here

As Salaam Alaikum everyone!  I pray you are all doing well and are filled with Allah's blessings this Ramadan...InshaAllah!

My husband and I are doing well.  Enjoying my bump as it grows bigger and bigger every day..Mashallah!  Baby is very active and startles me with his kicks and his punches...they seem to be getting stronger as the little guy gets

My fasting is going well.  I have only had to break it one time as I felt very dizzy and out of sorts.  The Dr. said that as long as I get in my calories at night, than fasting is ok for me to do.  I have another check up tomorrow and we will see if anything has changed.

I have a lot to go into about wife number 2 but I will refrain until this Holy month is over because I don't think it would be a good idea to get into it as I need to keep my tongue to myself and my blood pressure down.  InshaAllah, Allah will guide me that correct path.  What ever that may be or wherever it may take me.

I am looking forward to a visit from my family soon.  My parents will be coming after the baby is born and my sister and my nephew will be coming in the spring, InshaAllah.  It will be nice to see everyone and introduce them to the Middle East. (This will prove interesting)

My job is going well.  A couple more months than I will be off for 4 months for Maternity leave.   I need to get myself work and at home.  I don't even have a crib!  Sheeshh!  Kick it in gear Ayah... :-)

The new house is amazing... I love it and am so happy to have the blessings of Allah!  Now I just hope he will bless me with a Maid...I cant keep up with it all plus working full time.  Moping just the downstairs and cleaning the downstairs toilets takes me about 3 to 4 hours!!!!  It's too much...I will go into early labor if I keep this

I will write more when Ramadan is over..  I wish you all the best.