Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arab Ramadan Soap Operas

As Salaam Alaikum Everyone...

InshaAllah, you are all well and enjoying wonderful family time, food, night prayers and all that goes along with Ramadan....

I have stopped fasting due to my health reasons and my pregnancy issues, but InshaAllah, Allah will accept my prayers and reward us all for our effort and obedience.

So, if you are anywhere in the Middle East you are aware of the thousands (slight exaggeration but not that far off) Ramadan TV shows that pop up in Ramadan every year.  I for one, find them annoying and irritating.

For starters, I find that they are always screaming.  It seems that with the Arab language, when you raise your voice, it sounds like a yell..  The acting is HORRIBLE.  I think it could be tolerable it if it wasn't so bad but I have to say it is the worst I have ever seen.   Most of the men are old and wear fake hair pieces, the women wear as much make up as a painted street walker and last but not least......most of the time the men are slapping the women!  I am not kidding.  It is sickening.  We were watching something earlier tonight and, of course, they were yelling.  I said to my husband, it comes.................SLAP!  Then they pull them by the hair!  Ugh!  I can't stand it!

Anyways.. that's my gripe of the day.  My newest pet peeve, besides a wet bathroom floor, is now Arab Soap Operas.................Why people think they are good I will never know.


  1. Salaam alaikum sis,

    I too detest the Egyptian and the gulf soap operas. I cannot stand watching them...luckily my in-laws aren't really into them either. They prefer the dubbed Turkish ones, and Moroccan films. Despite them being famous for having no conclusive ending, Moroccan films I have to say, tend to be better than the crappy soap operas that come from the other regions of the Arabic speaking world. Maybe try watching 2M or Al Oula (Moroccan channels)? Or, you could always stick with MBC 2, MBC MAX, and FX, and watch good ol' American films ;)

  2. American films, without a doubt :) lol

  3. lol the soap operas are like this in Syria too, my first visit there we had no satelite so I saw a few of them. At first I was a little shocked that people actually watched them, but yeah they do and they enjoy them.


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