Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Acceptance and dishes

I have reached a point on this journey of "Wife number 2" of acceptance.  InshaAllah.  I have sent my soon to be future co wife an email welcoming her to the family.  I have to heal my heart in order to be happy.  Why must I continue to bother myself with this day after day?  I am at a time in this process where I am giving in to the will of God.  That comes along with being a good Muslim right?

My husband is wonderful.  Has given me everything I can imagine.  I love him and want to live the life of a good Muslim family.

So, although I have many difficult roads ahead of me, I begin this journey with one thing on my mind.........Can her and I share doing the dishes if we now will share a husband??  LOL

Remember, this is not court, no need to judge.......  :)

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