Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Salaam everyone....

Life is going ok for the time being.  I will be moving soon and looking forward to getting out of the place I am in. I am excited to start getting the nursery ready and buying baby things...  I cant wait!  :-)

I am into my 14th week.  I made it past the miserable 1st trimester which is something horror movies are made of!  lool.  I feel good now, despite not recognizing my ankles and feet.

My new job is wonderful.  I love the low stress environment, better people and better pay.  Great combinations..

My husband is planning his trip to see my co wife for next month after we move and get settled in.  I am wondering if I should have the locks changed while he is gone or what?  lool  I am still struggling with it and it is not getting any easier.  Just because you come to a point of "acceptance" in your life does not mean the pain in your heart goes away.

Yalla...thats all for now.  Take care to all of you out there!


  1. Wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,

    Hi Daisy -- I am glad things are looking up and I pray that everything goes well for u :-)

  2. Thanks aalia!! Things are going well. I just need to learn to keep these hormones in "check" lol. I tend to freak out a lot lately..hehe

  3. That is such a true statement. Just because you accept it doesn't mean the pain goes away. May Allah make your affairs easy, Ameen!

  4. @UmmSalwaa.. Yes it is so true. I have come to understand that sentence more and more lately. I dont think the pain will ever go away but at least I have learned to accept it in my life.

  5. Salam Daisy,

    I am glad that you and the baby are doing ok. I hope your move is successful!! If you need or want anything from USA let me know I can send it to you if you'll (I'm sure your family will be spoiling you and the baby!!) Hope your pain subsides, wish I could advice but I wouldn't know the first thing to say..
    I wish you happiness and blessings with smooth sailings my friend!! May Allah grant you everything you s desire and deserve!! :)



  6. Thanks Liza! :-) May Allah bless you as well.


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