Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big and Pregnant updates.....

As Salaam Alaikum everyone!

It's been a while since my last update.  Sorry about that, I wish I could say it was because I was busy but...haha Nope, just lazy.  :-)

I am in my 8th month and I have to tell you, the home stretch is both welcomed and scary.  I have not had an easy pregnancy as I endure daily blood thinning injections, medicine to stop preterm labor, extreme swelling to the point of not being able to walk...so needless to say, I am ready to regain a resemblance of my old self.  On the flip side of this, I have yet to have it really "sink into my head" that in a few weeks, I will have a baby!  Really?  Me?!  OMG...... Scary is an understatement.  The "what if's" float in my head continually.  Especially since I have now stopped working, due to bed rest.  So it seems I have a lot of time on my hands to freak myself out..LOOOL

I think that it is hard not having a lot of friends around me, not like I would have had in the States.  So, no friends or family equal a freaked out Daisy!

Inshallah, All will be ok.

On the Polygyny side of my life......................BIG SIGH....................................  I hate it.  More than you can imagine.  I think it is cruel and baseless in this day and age.  I think it is a reason for horny men to do what they want and be spared the ramifications of it because they hide behind the "its my religious right".  I tell my husband that I love him, but I hate his actions.  I do not like him as a person in this situation.

As for the "other one" in his life..............BIG SIGH................................... I hate it.. I hate the situation.  Thank God she is not here at the moment which means my freak out sessions are not that frequent.  I wish I could get inside the head of a woman that seeks out a married man.  Why?  You feel no guilt or shame?  You call on the phone and not wonder what might happen on the other end once your "conversation" is over?  It doesn't bother you to proclaim your love, kiss, sleep with and plan a life with someone who has a family aside from you?  Ughh.... I will never understand.

Anyways, this is why I haven't blogged.  I am too pissy lately..LOOOL

I hope you are all doing well and look for the update lately when my baby boy finally decides to make is presence known!  :)

Take care to all of you!


  1. Yay the end of pregnancy is approaching and a new wonderful life with your new baby boy is about to start! I'm also 8 months along with my first boy but I have a 4 year old little girl so I guess I know what to expect a little. And it's exhausting but amazing! I wasnt having a great marriage for a while in the beginning but my daughter just made everything worth it and made everything in my life feel right. That's not to say I didn't try to change my situation - I did and it was the right thing for me, but having her gave me... pure love. It's just what life should be.
    I wish that for you :)

  2. Ahh the final stretch -- mashaaAllah!! Don't worry, u will forget all the pregnancy stuff once u hold ur son and look at his little face inshaaAllah... As for the polygany stuff, well I wouldn't accept it if it was just for sex becuz that's not what polygany is about but that's another topic...

  3. asalaamu-alaikum,
    Big hugs to you girlie. Wow 8mths i have missed so much. I pray everything goes well and the rest of your pregnancy will be smooth sailing. As far as mothering, i know you will be awesome. Take things one day at a time. Inshallah things will get better with the situation. I am prob not the best person to give positive advice but just keep making dua and keep up dkir and reading. It helps in times of stress. Once your baby is here you will have little time to think of the situation. And your husband will also inshallah be focused on you and your soon to be little boy. Stay positive and keep in mind that we plan , and then Allah plans. Sometime do not understand why things are certain way, but later we might. Maybe you will be able to get a free babysitter out the deal (#2 lol) smile girlie. Miss ya!

  4. Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

    May ALLAH SWT make your delivery easy.Ameen!May ALLAH SWT give you a healthy and pious son, Ameen!

    I can't advise much on the poliginy side, but I do hope things will get smoother for you, and your husband will always be there for you and your little boy and will be fair even after he brings the other wife over there InshALLAH.

    I have given you an award, please check my blog!

    Lot of love and hugs


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