Thursday, October 13, 2011

Iran.. Really?

So Iran is trying to get our this really the way to do it?  I don't think they realize they are poking their fanatical stick at a sleeping bear right now.  Ok, Amawhatever your name is, do you think this wise?  Lets plan to bomb a couple embassy's in the US and assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador.  What do you think will happen?  Shall we invite you for some tea and biscuits?  I know, I know... We will grant you Nuclear capabilities based solely on the size of your man parts for trying to pull this latest stunt off.

What really pisses me off is these idiots are what people in the states think Islam and Muslims are all about.  They lump us into the category with these morons and think we are all crazy!!  Iran is sooo far from what I consider true Islam.  They (Government) is fanatical and crazy.  That is a scary combination.

I think it is time the world woke up and did something before it's too late.  This regime will not be happy until it is done throwing it's little hissy fit ... then what will the outcome be?  The world will be a better place when Iran is back in its little corner leaving the rest of us alone. 


  1. First I have to say that Iran is not the only Islamic government to act in such a fashion. Second you are saying things and don't seem to portray in your thoughts that this particular governments is oppression the people in such a horrendous way. Look at Bahrain and the way the are killing and pushing people right now. I have look at Saudi Arabia and how they still behead people as a form orm of punishment. While I agree that this man is not a there in his right man. I don't find him bright enough to even formulated thought.

  2. While I agree that he is not the brightest bulb in the drawer, but then again you don't have to be a genius to to pull off idiotic stunts. Get a few morons to follow you and promise you Paradise for attacking the infidel...The US and it's allies, and there ya go...recipe for disaster.

    Iran may not be the only government to act in such a fashion but they are the only ones that tried to carry this terror plot out and they have been known for their far extreme fanatical thinking.

    As for Bahrain, I live in Bahrain and until you live thru a full blown riot, have molitive cocktails thrown at your car, see people storm the street with swords, it's not fair to say that Bahrain is "killing people" I live here and deal with this madness on a daily basis. I have had a fire bomb thrown at my car by a group of idiots with nothing better to do that come out in the streets and harass us. How about storming the Mall and scaring women and children on a Friday afternoon? Kudos to the police that are doing their best to keep us safe.

    Saudi Arabia is what it is. Maybe if the rest of the world went thru with the punishments for the crimes, we would all be in a better place. You cant point the finger and say they are backwards for carrying out be headings, the US also has corporate punishment they just take forever to carry out the punishment. People literally get away with murder because my government would rather set them free than hold them accountable.

  3. Most importantly, how do we really know that Iran was even behind these plans? The US administration looks for every excuse under the sun to demonize Iran ever since the overthrow of their dictator girlfriend, the Shah, in the Islamic Revolution. Recall how they said that Iran had ties to the Taliban, lolz. Everyone knows the Taliban hates Shias, lolz.
    I wonder why people so readily believe in what America says :P
    Even if Iran was behind this, embassies and munafiqun ambassadors and officials like the Saudis are legitimate targets anyway.

  4. @ DD.. Ok..legitimate targets hu? hmmm

    Why do I believe what the US says?? Maybe because the proof is overwhelming and we all know that Iran hates the US since it declared War on us back in the 80's.

    There is saying and it does like this..

    "Who am I gonna believe: you, or my lyin' eyes?"

    The regime is crazy, that is a fact. If you and others choose to keep your head in the sand and decided to believe otherwise, more power to you.

    I am proud of my country and believe that the world will not be a good place until this moron and these radical extremists are dealt with.


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