Monday, February 21, 2011

Paris Hilton and Islam???

Shocked, but in a good way!  Alhamdulillah!  Do you think it's a Hoax?


  1. lol It's totally fake. She didn't convert. The first photo is photoshopped and the second one is because she did that show "Paris Hilton's New BFF" in Dubai a couple years ago. & Just a couple days ago she was saying how much she wanted to marry her boyfriend, who is not Muslim in any way shape or form, so...

    Too bad tho... It would be cool to see someone who is famous revert.

  2. Yeah...I was completely shocked when I opened my messenger and saw this article. A part of me was thinking...Ohh you have got to be kidding HOAX.. Then I was thinking...hmmm Stranger things have happened....(As I sit here in the Middle East..LOOL) I gathered the first one was photo shopped and the second was from a show she did. I guess I was just looking for some comic relief...LOOL Inshallah, maybe she will some day.

  3. i watched the episode where her and Nicole were at a muslim man's house praying. Paris was really respectful but I remember nicole refered to making dua as "staring at your palms". Insha'Allah she will convert to islam, i like paris.

  4. Hey!
    nice post! Very different! not something you get to see or hear about everyday. esp. not regarding her! =D

    Yours Truly x


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