Thursday, November 25, 2010

A little better

Salam blogger world...

So, I am better than I was earlier...Alhamdulillah!  I debated on taking down my post I wrote earlier but decided that I need to own how I feel.  That's how I felt then, khalas....I will leave it.  I came home to a big smile from my husband, 2 cats that run to the door to greet can I be angry or ungrateful?

I don't know what is going on with me really.  Obviously I am a bit depressed.  I am going to eat a little better, get some better sleep, hop back on the elliptical (may God help me) , get more sleep and give my notice at my AWFUL STRESSFUL HEADACHE OF A JOB!  Yep, I am quiting!  Khalas.. I am done as of Jan 1st.  It is not good for my mood or health so why stay?

I will take things moment by moment.  Right now day by day is too much....haha

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  1. you see??... it all passes!!! The life of a Believer is like a 'roller coaster' (whether in Poly or not) so take each turn as an opportunity to give thanks and strengthen yourself for when the next turn comes around... in both there are Blessings to be gained and chances for growth and learning. Look after yourself! Get that physical we all need and concentrate in your own heart and Imaan for a change!!! :D


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