Monday, November 29, 2010

Nicotine....ohh how I miss you some days!!

Salaam Blogger world...

Ok, I have to admit. Quitting Smoking was good for my health. I can breath, I dont cough and hack, my teeth are white again and me and my clothes dont smell.


Ohhh how I miss it somedays! I was addicted and I guess I always will be. I miss the taste after a meal...on a break...when I am stressed...Always I guess. They say it gets easier with time. In a way. On the other hand, I think of it every day. I quit cold turkey when I moved to the middle east and became a Muslim...Alhamdullilah. I had a little slip a yr ago for about a week then quit again.
The reason I bring this up is Shisha. In the middle east it is everywhere! My husband smoked it a lot when we were first married and then stoped when I told him it made me want to smoke. Well, last night he came home smelling like shisha.

Ughhh!!! Marlboro where are you??

Yeah I know the dangers. I know its good I quit but I smoked for almost 17 yrs. In the end I was at almost 3 packs a day!! So you see, it will take a lot more years for me to get this out of my system.

God help me!!


  1. its good that you quit because smoking does so much harm its not even funny! The damage it causes to the human body is endless! Al hamdulilah you quit.. STAY AWAY FROM SMOKING SIS!! it kills the female's eggs.. no im not kidding.

    May God bless you.

  2. Salaam Sis... Yes, I am completly aware of the dangers of smoking. Working in healtcare my whole life you would have thought I would have quit sooner...haha. No worries.. I have no intention to start again. Thinking and doing are too different things.... Its nice to reminice though....hehe

  3. Salam Alaikum, sis AJ!
    I understand that stopping what you love is hard, even for better things.
    Well, we human love things that are bad for us sometimes.
    I was in a rock band before, vocalist. Man, how i miss jammin with all those boys, how i miss wearing torn out jeans. With Dream Theater and Stratovarius all around. Imagining it gives me goosebumps. *wink*
    Well, may Allah makes us steadfast to do the thing that only good for us. Amin.

    sister hugs!


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