Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peaceful protesters?? Hmm.. You decide

So I have kept pretty quiet about the issues in Bahrain.  First because I was out of the country and then wanted to figure out myself what was going on because I had heard so many conflicting reports.  Now I know...

Remember when I said in a previous post.."Is this the calm before the storm??" Well, how true it was..

They call themselves peaceful.. They say they are just demanding their rights.  How do you go about a peaceful protest?  Setting fires, spreading false reports, attacking and killing poor migrant workers?  I know how you can do it.. how about cut out the tongue of a local Imam because you feel he should not say the Sunni Azthan in a "Shia Country". They even cut the tongue out of a Pakistani migrant worker!!!

Well, just because you have 4 wives and each of those wives have babies and babies and babies who then grow up for you to send out on the street to burn tires, does not make you the majority.  Anyways....

I was one, initially, who thought the Bahraini government was wrong.  Let them be I said.  Let them protest and why are you shooting at them.  My husband and I fought about this after the first "attack" on the "peaceful protesters" at the roundabout back in Feb.  He said to me...peaceful now but just wait.

Now new information has enlightened me, so to speak.  I know of people that were at the roundabout.  They saw first hand the things that went on there.  They even had a temporary marriage tent set up there (Mut'ah) so if you felt the urge you could marry for the hour...ewww!

Then they started attacking migrant workers, colleges, running over police officers...you name it they did it.  They were even faking injures.  I saw a video of it with my own eyes taken at the roundabout.  A woman had a tent set up there where people would go, they would have makeup put on them to make it seem as if they were beaten.  I understand some clashes with the riot police and BDF caused some injuries, but when they were not getting the media attention they had to create it..... How many of you heard that Salmananiya Hospital was overrun with casualties and police and army were attacking the injured....yeah, me too.  You will see from the videos below that this is not the case.  How about when the roundabout was finally cleared , you heard the military was setting fire to the tents??!  haha... soooooooooooo not true!  Again, the video does not lie.

The attacks on the innocent migrant workers is appalling.  These poor souls were caught in the middle and just because they were weak, they were a target.  On top of this all, there are reports that hostages were taken during this time period.

May God punish all the wrong doers in this world!  May He hold them all accountable for their actions and give the oppressed their day in paradise... Amen!

Terrorists attacking Pakistani residents in Bahrain

What really happened in Bahrain Salmaniya Hospital

Police office being beaten and run over by "Peaceful Protesters"

Maybe they were cold? Needed to warm up before they head out to their peaceful rally?

This I believe is the most important one to watch. It is the clearing of the Pearl roundabout.

There are more...plenty more. Just take the moment, if interested, to search youtube and google. You will find a pleathera of information. I understand that there are people out there that will disagree with this information. That is ok. I live here, and I see what is happening. The world we live in gives us the right to disagree...However, this is my blog and my views....

Take this information and draw your own conclusion. I did.