Monday, March 28, 2011

He is in his own little world...

Salaam Alaikum .....

My husband has just gotten the new Blackberry Torch....It will be a while before we see him again.  I for one have never really gotten into the little electronic gadgets.  For one, I believe its a big waste of time, two..they confuse the heck out of me!!  haha  If it takes 6 months to learn how to operate something just for it to go out of date the very next week seems like a big waste of time and money.  I have my laptop, which is pretty basic and an Ipad that he got me for my birthday which I am still trying to figure out.  That was almost 3 months ago..  LOOL

So, this is my dilemma being married to an IT tech guy.  Could be worse...


  1. Salam Daisy.,

    Insha'Allah you and the little one are in perfect health!! :)

    I feel you on the electronic stuff, my hubby loves the gadgets and cars. The only gadget Im into is the iphone but for the apps they have. :) Everything else is alien to me. lol..


  2. Yes, thank you Liza..we are doing fine:) Yes, those apps are about the only thing I can do with my ipad. I thought about the iphone but I think my old trusty phone I have had for 2 years is still working and I know how to operate it..lool

  3. Question.. Have you seen any apps that has the whole Qur'an?? Ive gotten apps on studying Islam and some Hadiths. I cant find any where it gives me the whole Qur'an unless I purchase it.. Call me cheap but hubby is the only working and my school aid stretches but so far..

    Thanks :)

  4. I use android and all the apps I download are free. I have a Quran app. I am not sure the name of it right now. I will check and let you know, inshallah.

  5. I have the same phone but I barely know how to use it lol. Blackberrys are confusing!

  6. Gadgets never confuses me.
    But I never really fulfill y desire into it bcoz i will not be using all the facilities.. :)


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