Friday, March 11, 2011

Working Women??

Salaam to all of you out there...

I am still in the States with family.  I am enjoying my time with family and loving the snow and cold weather.  I love watching my husband when it snows and he was so happy that he made his first snowman the other day.  It was cute to watch.  :)

So..I am posing a question to you all.  Should women work outside of the home in an Islamic family?  I am really torn right now.  I was in a Christian marriage for 13 years and have worked since the age of 15.  When I moved to Bahrain I started working at an Islamic Investment company and to say it is/was stressful is an understatement.  Then I got married.  It went from unbearable to IMPOSSIBLE!!  Working long hours and then taking care of my new husband and home has put its toll on me.  The stress level is thru the roof and when you are trying to get pregnant ... its just not a good combination.  I can honestly say that working in the Middle East is much different than in the States.  I have never been in such a "cut throat and rude" environment in my life.  After toiling with the decision to quit, I sent in my resignation the other day..... ALHAMDULLILAH!!!  I am now "unemployed"  haha

My question is this....what should I do now?  Stay at home and focus on getting pregnant, strengthen my deen or go back out in the workforce?  I am confused on what my role should be.....

Any suggestions?


  1. Stay home, strengthen your deen, and get pregnant! :p
    Like you said, you do not need the immense amount of stress from working. Take some time out to relax :)

  2. I agree with amal, stay at home! Use this time to focus on yourself, getting pregnant and strengthening your deen. As you know muslim women are not required to work and since your job causes stress its probably best for you to leave your job and stay at home. You can practice arabic, take islamic classes and relax!

  3. Oops I missed the part that said you sent in your resignation! Yay! =) congrats!
    Im not sure if your familiar with Bilal philips, but he has an online university that is for free where you can get a 4 year degree in islamic studies. For the 4 year program you do need to apply in advance but he also has free diploma courses that focus on a variety of islamic topics!
    Heres the link!

    You could also practice arabic (online courses for free)

    Anyway, enjoy yourself now that you are not working and inshaAllah you will grow as a muslim and get pregnant soon!

  4. I don't think this is a question that you can ask anyone really, this is something personal and should be a choice you feel is best for you. There are pros and cons to being a wife that works, I worked until I had my first baby and feel it was the right choice for me. It gave my husband and I more financial freedom, and mashAllah my husband is the kind of man who isn't afraid of cooking or cleaning, we put in equal effort while we both worked. Even with his hep right now it wouldn't make sense for me to be working, it's just because our situation is different. Sorry I had to giggle a little at the working on getting pregnant part...your husband works right, you can't work on it if he's out working himself :P :)


  5. Assalamu Aleykum,

    I totally agree with Amal.Stay at home and relax, focus on what is really important for you at the moment!ALHAMDULILLAH you have a husband who can provide for you!

  6. I think you will feel a lot less stress if you were to stay at home. The dunya is not the best environment for a Muslim women. Since your husband provides for you nicely you don't really have to help pay bills. The less stress the better. I can't really imagine working, and taking care of home. Something would definitely go lacking. So yeah put your feet up, and enjoy being taken care of. I number one factor of depressed immunity, is stress. Taking some Islamic courses sounds great. I've been looking in into an Islamic online school myself. Hope all goes well for, and Inshallh you end up preggers very soon. Ameen!

  7. Assalamu Aleykum,

    You have been awarded, check on my blog please!


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