Monday, April 25, 2011


Salaam to all of you lovely people out there....

I hope you are all well and my best wishes go out to you and your family....Inshallah, Allah watches out for all of us...  Quick update...Baby is doing well.  I am growing and the sickness is subsiding or the medicine I am taking for it is helping.  Either way, I am grateful to be getting back to "normal"  Mashallah!  I informed my new boss that I was pregnant and she was supportive and wonderful.  Its been a pretty good few days..Inshallah, it will continue.  :-)


How do you block people if they are not "following you" but still have a blogger act? Any suggestions?  I have a "follower" who has shown me in the past and present that they lack any sort of common decency.  Name calling, insulting my husband, family and my wishes to have a child.  I just don't want this person to have access to my blog anymore.  My decision.

So, if any of you know if I can block them, let me know.  If I cant, and this blogger is reading this, consider every message you send to me deleted before being read.  You irritate me and I do not agree with your thought process one bit.  I should have ignored you the minute you said I had a fake husband and my desire to have a child with a man who was going to marry a 2nd wife was sick and disgusting.  Good Bye to you.  Go on your way and "professionally blog" on someone else's post!  I wish the best for you but I dont have to like you, and as you have shown me from your comments, you dont like me.  So go on your way....

To all of the rest of you wonderful people out there... Have a great week!  :-)


  1. Salaam alaikum

    Install this:

    It's like a comment thing and I've seen it on a few other's blogs. I think you can block IP addresses if you use it...

  2. Here you might find some tips:

    apparently you can report them:

    You don't allow anon bloggers do you? I stopped that on mine.

    No one should be subjected to obnoxiousness like that. :(

  3. You have every right to not have to deal with hurtful people. Good for you for standing up to this person!

  4. i think this person is so envious of you, theres always going to be some old bat trying to make you feel bad about your life. You can't get rid of them but i'll tell you what, ignoring them and reading surat al Falaq to protect yourself from the evil eye.

    Love ya sis!

  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have just decided to go the "delete before read" route...which I have already done :-) Thanks again everyone...

  6. Ahhh, I'm so glad to hear that you and your "bun in the oven" are doing well. I'm also glad to hear that your boss is taking it all well and that she is a "she." LOL

    It's sad to see others in such a pathetic situation that all they do is try to taint everyone else with their black hearts. Yes, our blogs are public, but just as it is our space, it is also our choice not to let unwanted guests into it.

  7. wa alaikum salam,

    subhanAllah.. I can't believe that people can be so mean!
    I hope the solutions the sisters gave work for you. And you, too.. have a great week!


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