Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am ashamed to say it...

A long time back I was pro abortion rights.  I was the one on the other side of the Pro Life argument... Screaming at the protestestors that its a womans body, it's her right to choose.  I would drive by the "crazy church people" that would holding up signs of an aborted fetus and yell obsenities at them, all the while never really looking at the pictures.  I can honestly say that I never really saw them, the photos.  I always had a way of blocking it out, never looked into what actually happens during an abortion.  I even went to the abortion clinic with a good friend of mine back in High School for "moral support".

We always have justifacations for things we do.  In the case of abortion it was always, she is too young, she needs to finish school, she was raped,  she is unable to support another was always something.  I can honestly say, up until just recently, I still believed it is up to the woman.  It is her life and we all need to answer to HIM in the end, who are we to judge??

In todays society we have programs to Save the Whales, Save the Tigers, Save the earth...all good causes, yes.  How can we save a whale but not a child?  Are we that primitive of a society that we dont understand these babies are crying out in pain when their mothers abort them??

I typed in 9 week gestation to see the growth of my baby and  instead I was shocked to see aborted fetus'.  I am disgusted and saddened that this is allowed to go on.

I think it should be allowed in extreme cases but who determines extreme?  I just dont have a good answer to this issue.  I guess I am still in shock over how they actually conduct these abortions.  Now that I have a baby growing inside me, I am appalled that someone could do this to an unborn child.  Beyond sick.


  1. Salaam alaikum sister!

    I have always been, alhamdolillah, as they say, "pro-life"...even if it did make me quite unpopular among my friends and sometimes I even felt I had to "closet" my belief (I went to a very liberal highschool). I would listen to argument after argument from my schoolmates on why abortions were necessary and blah blah blah. Some of the arguments that they made were just sickening. People even refer to aborted babies as "parasites"...this is just SICK SICK SICK. Islamically abortion in most cases is considered haram...and in very special cases, it is considered makruh. 40 days after conception, Allah(swt)gives us our after this time, it is HARAM to have an abortion. Before the 40 days, it is permissible only under very specific circumstances...and even then it is considered to be makruh (something that is extremely disliked by Allah(swt)). And Allah(swt) knows best...may He forgive us all and grant us all hidayah, ameen!

  2. Wa Alaikum Sallam.... I am so glad to hear your beliefs....Mashallah. I am glad you stood fast to your beliefs...

  3. Asalaam Alaikum

    I am the same as sis Ayah. The only time I personally believe it is ok is when the mother has been raped. (Not 100% sure what the islamic stance is on that - never researched it)

  4. Alaikum Salaam UmmH... I thought the same thing until I started reading up on it tonight. Any life that comes to be is by Gods will. There is a reason for the conception of that child, who are we to say it can not be born? Islamicly speaking, it haram unless the life of the Mother is in Danger and even then they say you should choose all available options and opinions ...especially from a Muslim Dr.

  5. Salaam,
    Your opinion is yours and pregnancy has given you a different perspective, but in Islam,the scholars have generally allowed abortion, up to a certain point in gestation.


    My opinion is mine and I have reached that opinion thru doing my research. If a woman has an abortion after the 120 days(when the soul has been breathed into the body) it is NOT PERMISSIBLE. If this is before the 120 days it is still considered haram...some equate it to a "lesser sin". Again, the mothers life must be in danger and help should come from a qualified Muslim Dr.

    I think most of the confusion disappears after the 120 days...then most, if not all the scholars agree that it is completely and totally haram.

    "And do not kill your children for fear of poverty: We give them sustenance and yourselves (too): surely to kill them is a great wrong." (17:31)

  7. what a touching and beautiful post. I was always against abortion no matter what, I always saw babies developing in a mother's body as a human life. How can i be responsible for killing my own child? how? i would never abort my child even in extreme cases like you mentioned, rape, whatever. hes mine and no matter what I will keep it.

  8. Salaam alaikum

    I've always been Pro-Life. Even before I was religious, it just seemed so wrong to be to do something like abortion. & I feel like someone is really not taking responsibility for themself if they do's just an easy escape. If you're adult enough to have sex, then you are enough of an adult to deal with the consequences. So many girls my age support abortion and see it as something so easy like, "I'll just get an abortion, no big deal". I know girls who have had several (2-3) already and they're not even 25. :-/

  9. Assalamu alaikum sis. I really loved your outlook on this and want to share on my fb if that's ok.

  10. Em Hamzah, Yes...that is more than ok. :)


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