Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pick 3 any 3.....

As Salaam Alaikum .......

If there was one Surah in the Quran that you feel is the most beneficial to memorize, what would it be?

If you had to pick 2 du'as that are very important to memorize and use on a daily basis, what would it be?

My goal in the next 2 weeks is to learn one Surah and 2 du'as and recite them in perfect Arabic, Inshallah.  I feel since I am laying in bed doing nothing anyhow, why not make use of my time?  I need to take these next 7 months and learn as much as I can so I am not a complete idiot to Islam when my child arrives.  I feel as though there is so much I need to learn and ALLAH swt has given me this time to use it.. Supanhallah!  I should use my time wisely.

So, tell me....which 3 would you pick?  Keep in mind, my memory is not that good.  I joke that I am a 34 yr old Alzheimer patient...but really, some days I feel like it.  I dont think I have a problem with the really short Surahs and think I can graduate to the next level.

Thanks for your help!    


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  2. Waleikum Assalam Dear Sister:
    Well I suggest for Surah Mulk is a Makki Surah, it has 30 verses and 2 raku’, Sura Mulk is very beneficial like all other Surahs in Quran. This Surah protects from the hell and the suffering in grave.
    Subhan Allah, We must make it habit to recite this Surah in our daily life. May Allah Almighty save us from the torment of the grave and hell.

  3. Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

    Surat Al Ikhlas. Short, equal to 1/3 of the Quran, easy. IF you already know it, then Surat Al Falaq. Surat al Mulk is far too long for a starter surah. Normally we just work backwards, but the four Quls - An Nas, Al Falaq, Iklas, and Al Kafiroon have protective benefits, are part of the morning, evening, and night time Sunnah remembrances, and can even replace a dua!

    As for dua', waking up in the morning - Al hamdu l'Illahi alathee ah-yaana ba'ada amaatana wa ilayhin nushoor.

    Before bed: Allahumma bi ismika amootoo wa ahyaa.

  4. wa alaikum salaam,

    I agree with Mai, unless you're up to the challenge, surah al Mulk is just not somewhere to start...especially not within just a couple weeks (I haven't even started to think of memorizing surahs of this length...I personally am working backwards, as I feel that this is what works best for me). If you already have al Kaafiroon, al Ikhlas, al Falaq, and an Nas memorized, I'd suggest memorizing "Ayat al Kursi", or the "Verse of the Throne." It's verse 255 in Surah Al Baqarah, and has incredible protective qualities, along with the 4 "quls" that Mai mentioned. I know it's not an actual surah, but it's about the length of a shorter surah, and insh'Allah would be really beneficial to memorize.
    As for du'ah...I'm a bit embarrassed to say this, but I'm lacking profusely in that department...you've just given me the motivation to start memorizing, mash'Allah! :)

  5. surah al ikhlas, surah nas and ayatul Kursi.

  6. al fatihah without doubt!!! you mad at me !? :D you already know this !!? okay ok ..then ..they told you Al mulk already..umm.. ya'seen !! yes ya seen and al waqi3ah. also ar'ahaman .


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