Sunday, April 3, 2011

So this is what its like....

As Salaam Alaikum...

So, I am rounding the corner of week 7 and now feeling the effects of full blown morning sickness and bloat.  Wow!  I feel hungover, for those of you that have been down that road before can relate.

Crackers and 7-up....they have made a constant bedside companion.

I love every minute of it!!  Mashallah!  Bring it on...I am ready!

Ok, off to bed I go.  It seems I am less likely to hug the porcelain  throne if I am in the horizontal position..


  1. masha'Allah your lucky!! wowww i can just picture a big pregnant woman trying to reach for pepsi max. hehehehe.

  2. awww, I hope you feel better soon, sis!
    May Allah swt make it easy for you, ameen!

  3. As salaamu alaykum.

    Mashaa Allah! Isn't it the most the most wonderful thing in the world feeling terrible due to pregnancy? I cannot tell you how happy I am for you, mashaa'Allah. It's an excellent sign that your HCG levels are nice and high, al hamdul'Illah. May Allah bless you and your babies and protect you always - ameen.

  4. Ginger ale would be better than seven up
    Ginger has anti nausea proprieties

  5. Ahhh ginger ale..thanks! I am glad you mentioned that....Much better than 7 up...Shukran Sister!!

  6. Yay morning sickness! It doesn't last long inshallah... & I guess that extra weight you were talking about is going to come in handy now!!! lol

  7. @Em Hamzah.... Wow! I didnt think of that...Mashallah! Allah knows best! It will come in handy on days like today when I live off from crackers and 7 up.....

  8. Salaam alaikum!

    Insh'Allah you'll start feeling better soon, may Allah(swt) bless and protect you and your babies, ameen!

    If you can stomach swallowing it, schwepps tonic water also works really well against nausea...even though the taste might want to make you gag. It helps to hold your nose while drinking :)

  9. Salaam alaikum... Someone here flagged your What's in A name? post because it's completely blocked here by Du (the internet carrier in UAE). I can still see it when I go on your main page tho...

    LOL I don't get why it's blocked! It's not like you're saying anything bad about Islam. I petitioned to unblock it for you...

  10. @ Amal...OMG! Are you serious??? Wow! Got to love enforced country censorship...shhesh! I have no idea why it was Keep me posted!


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