Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey :) Some updates

Salaam Alaikum everyone!!  I hope your day is wonderful and your faith is high!

My day is going ok.  I had another Dr. apt last night and baby is doing well, Mashallah!  I came home a couple hours early from work because I was having some slight cramping and uneasy feeling, I needed to lie down.  So, here I am on the couch, with my feet up.  My weight is beginning to worry me.  I feel very fat and can only imagine what I will be like at 9 months.  :(  I walk every day but I dont think it is working.  Once I get into my second trimester, I may join a womens swim club....just some light exercise and they say swimming is good when pregnant, even if I just walk around in in circles and swim a little bit.

The days are ticking away for my hubby to go to his new bride.  I am getting very anxious about this but....what to do.. It is what it is and I just got some fabulous advice from Mai(thank you) so I think I will be ok.

As for you women and men who live in the States...Please dont ever complain about your healthcare again!  Move here to the Middle East and then you can complain.  I miss my medical care back home.  I absolutely hate it here.  Our choice are, Local, Indian or Filipino Dr's.  No offence, but they lack the "skill" of an American Dr. and have a way of doing things themselves.  My information I am getting for my pregnancy is done off from web md as my Dr does not fill me in on anything.  I have been to a couple different Dr.s to see if one would click a little better than the other....nope, they are all the same.   In and out in a couple min.  I went last night because I was spotting a little bit the other day.  After doing my research ..web md.. i found out it was nothing to worry about and just to follow up with my ObGyn.  So, I go last night, tell her I was spotting a few days prior but that it wasnt bright red and she just nodded and said.. "ohh".  Well, your baby is fine.  She didnt explain anything to me..Ughh..  I hate the healthcare here.

Another story..  As many of you may know, your plumbing slows down a bit in early pregnancy.  Well, mine has come to a screeching halt( tmi...sorry)  I am talking a month....NO JOKE.  I was miserable.  I couldn't eat, sleep or function like a normal person..  Well, when I knew there was no more room for anything, and the medicine they gave me was not working, I went to the local health center.. BIG MISTAKE.  The Dr informs me that its normal.  I said, yes.....slowing down of the plumbing is normal...but stopping completely??? That is not normal!  I am sick, throwing up and my belly is distended like I am already 8 months pregnant.  I have gained 2 kg in 2 weeks!!  Nothing is coming out....I need help!  He said, its normal, what would you like me to do about it??!  I said, A MONTH IS NOT NORMAL!!  Sheesh! He just sat there, refused to help me ... I got up and husband was still sitting in the chair with his stupid black berry...lool   I came home and self remedied the situation my self.   Dr's!  I swear...  So.. next time you start to complain....DONT... be grateful for the healthcare you have, they way you are treated and cared for.. You dont get that here.

So, we are looking for a new place to live.  I am doing some research and am in LOVE with Amwaj Islands...its like a piece of paradise.. I want to live there so bad I can taste it!  I am going to go look at a place on Saturday....Not sure what he will do with his new wife....she aint moving with me...loool  My house, my money, my rules....and no second wives are allowed...LOOOL

So, as my new found British colleagues say....Cheers!


  1. Salaam alaikum,

    EEEEK! What a nightmare! It makes me kind of worried what my experience will be like when I get pregnant insh'Allah...I've already had a couple dealings with doctors, and it sounds eerily similar to what you're dealing with as far as the health care's just not the same as I'm used to getting back in the states, and you really have to be careful! I can't believe that the doctor told you it was NORMAL to be blocked for a MONTH :O HOW IS THAT NORMAL?!? May Allah(swt) protect you and your baby and keep you both in good health, ameen!
    p.s. that's really exciting that you're looking for your own place!

  2. Pregnancy is not easy! lol I am 7 months now and puffed up like a balloon. My shoes don't fit me anymore I had to buy bigger ones- nevermind my clothes!!!!!!! I can't make sujood anymore. And sometimes if I eat a small amount of food, I am sitting down for the rest of the day feeling like I just ate all my meals at once if baby is in a weird spot. My 18 month old is always bored and I have to wean him soon because new baby milk came in and I don't see the point in nursing him anymore. On the bright side, my husband says I look more beautiful now and always giving me compliments waaay more than when I am not preggo :)

    I can't wait till the baby comes. May Allah make your pregnancy easy, sis. Ameen.

  3. Here is a recipe that we have been using on L&D for years:

    Take any number of dried fruits, dates, prunes, apricots, cherries, raisins,figs....blend with apple juice until it's a thick paste. You can make it in large batches and freeze it if you wish.
    Take a heaping tablespoon in the am and one in the pm....
    The three "F"s....fruit, fiber and fluid... :)

    It's difficult :(

    Sorry to hear about the MD dilemma. Most of it is culture...I find this this is somewhat the same here ....don't let it discourage you.

    Thank goodness you have the internet for research.

    You are absolutely is not unusual to have early bleeding - the darker or browner - the older the blood. 25% of all women have some bleeding and most go on to deliver normally.

  4. Have you tried Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, about 2tsp-1tbs in a glass of warm honey water? It's all natural, safe, and it works for relieving constipation, and digestive problems. Sip a glass of this 2-3 times per day. Inshallah hope you feel better soon! :0)


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