Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kudos to all of you Mom's!!

May God help me thru this first trimester...  I have never been so sick in my life.  My day is a constant stomach ache, vomiting, headaches, constipation(tmi.. sorry), swollen hands and sore you know what.  I have every ill that one would have in the first trimester.  You name it, I have it.  I go to the Dr. tonight and hopefully she can help me.  I understand now, since I am going thru it, why Islam puts such a high status on the Mother.  I have told my Mother a few times in the last week how appreciative I am for what she did for me.  Bringing me into this world.  Mashallah!

My hats are off to all of you Mothers out there!  May God reward all of you for the struggles you have endured...

Even thru all of my trials with this pregnancy, I am still forever grate full for these little blessings growing inside of me... I just wish they would stop making Mommy so sick!!  LOOOOl


  1. mashallah
    inshallah u will feel better soon.
    in which week are u now?
    my baby is now 10 months and when i think of the pregnancy i really miss it :D

  2. As salaamu alaykum.

    It is so wonderful to hear you're feeling absolutely terrible, LOL! There is nothing more reassuring to a pregnant mother that to know that her hormones are raging and her pregnancy is strongly supported.

    Most probably this will calm down (well some of it, not all, LOL) after you pass the 12-14 week stage. I think that first pregnancy is often the hardest - mine was. I was still throwing up 5 months into the process, mashaa'Allah!

    Yes, from the day of conception until the day we die, motherhood is one of those tough and sweet tickets to Jennah. May we all pass those tests and may we and our our children be pious believers and a pleasure to Allah until we meet him - ameen!

  3. Ameen I too discovered a special appreciation for my mom after becoming a mom. Alhumdulilah the rewards, and sacrifices are many. (:0)

  4. If you can take tiny frequent sips of a rehydration drink (sports drinks etc) you can at least keep hydrated.. sorry you are so sick!
    There is a medication called diclectin that is common for a woman to take (it's an old antihistamine plus vit B) ...but sometimes it doesn't work, definitely will make you sleepy.

    on this site and put in "dehydration" in the search, there is a recipe for an inexpensive homemade rehydration drink under "home treatment". (you can also use this site for your pregnancy concerns -enter "pregnancy" in search - it's our province's official website, overseen by MD and updated with current info every 3 months!)

    I hope soon you will be feeling better, but wow...twins! You are amazing! :)

  5. Salaam alaikum sister,

    May Allah(swt) grant you shifaa, and may he bless you for being a mommy and going through this, ameen! Insh'Allah your doctors appointment will go well ^_^

  6. Your silence is causing me worry. Is everything all right? I was awaiting news of your doctor's visit and a progress report on everything, but you haven't even posted the comments on this post. I pray everything is fine and you are simply overwhelmed and busy napping next to the toilet. You are, most certainly and firmly, in my dua'.

    Much love,


  7. Salaam Everyone. sorry I have been so late at responding or give you updates... I started a new job last week and am very busy. So.. here is the update... Alhamdulillah...One baby is healthy and growing every day. The other little "bean" has decided to disapear for a while as he is just not ready to be born. Inshallah, he will show up somewhere down the line....Allah is the best planner and HE knows best. Mashallah! I am just so happy that one is doing so well.... I heard the heartbeat and it brought tears to our eyes...He was moving around and doing a little dance. I am 10 weeks along. My Dr. gave me some medicine to take care of my stomach issues and alhamdulilliah...I feel normal once more! I still feel like I am getting fatter and fatter every day...hehehe! I havent gained any weight but I am very bloated and swollen all over. I have to keep up the water and walking and Inshallah, I should be ok. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and taking the time to respond to my post. My apologies for being so late and not responding to you individually. I appreciate you all!


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