Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am back...With a few changes

Salaam to all of you out there...

I have been thinking of something to post all day to usher in "my grand return" but ultimately could think of nothing.  I debated on coming back, doing a different blog....but decided to come back.

 I have changed my name.  I don't want to be known as first wife anymore.  Time to move on.  So, my favorite flower is a Daisy, so Daisy it is.  :)

I don't have the urge to blog every day as before.  Maybe my guard is still up.  I just don't feel like peoples criticism is good for me right now.  Since I found out that one of my blogger followers is actually also and anonymous hatter, I feel compelled to keep up my guard.  Come to find out, "blogger in disguise" is actually happening a lot on blogs, so I have heard.  My "hater" came out of the wood work when I said I was going private.  This person informed me, and I quote, "yea right, just like you wouldn't allow anon comments b4 that didn't last long. whateva i'm a follower so i'll still have a good laugh of ur blog

I really think people have nothing better to do.

So, for now i am back.  Bruised and battered but InshaAllah, all in due time I will be back to my old self again, only better


  1. Assalamu alaikum sis. I missed you for awhile! I guess I missed the privacy thing.

    You are very kind and this looks like a shaytan who is writing these really awful comments. I like what you said, "came out of the wood work"... reminds me of nasty termites or beetle larvae! lol

    May Allah make it easy on you.

  2. I know how you feel...but you gotta remember this is *your* blog. You can say whatever you want, and if somebody doesn't like it...oh well. & Besides, think of it this way...isn't it weird people will claim to hate your blog, but they are taking the time to still read it everyday and write out a nasty comment? Some people seriously need a life :p

  3. Salams nice to see you back Daisy, That's ironic Em Hamzah said that about the Shaytanic comment someone posted on your blog, I thought the exact same thing when I read it. That's really sad that someone is being so hateful and pathetic. Do they actually claim to be Muslim? I hope your cyber-stalker gets a life, and moves on. I thought of doing a blog, but I really don't have time right now, plus my business isn't that juicy! lol In the future if you see an anonymous comment jus don't read it. Delete it quickly.

  4. Salaams girlie :-) hugs, omg haters need to seriously get a life and kick rocks. Who do they think they are ? That is very cowardly to cyber stalk and leave dumb comments. Uggh yea mean people do suck. Glad you are back. blog how you want to when you want.

  5. Welcome back sis, missed you alot! Yeah people are sad right? Not worth it all. Keep being you and if they still have the urge to make nasty comments then back luck for them... you cant help everyone. :):):) By the way, Love the name daisy but im a sucker for pink roses. :P

  6. Salam,

    I'm so glad youre back!! Missed you!!! Love the new name Daisy its beautiful Masha'Allah!!! Dont worry about any "haters" they hate because they can't find happiness within them selves. Insha'Allah they will get guidance from Allah to stop it.

    My husband thoughts say: If they taking the time to write hateful things means they taking time out of their life for YOU. You dont need to WASTE your TIME on THEM! (ACTUALLY SOUNDS BETTER WHEN MY HUBBY SAYS IT LOL)

    And now dont worry my hubby donesnt read your blogs he doesnt like the blog, facebook any social net type of thing... I mostly talk to him about you sisters that I follow. He likes the fact that I have found very INSPIRATIONAL AND GOOD MUSLIMS SISTERS... I truly wish I could meet you all one day..

    I just want to say I guess that I'm really happy you are on again and you keep youre head up. Allah will guide you and give you blessings Insha'Allah!!

    Sorry for being so long!! :)


  7. As-salaam Alaikum sister, its strange that peopel take out the time to spread hate, personally, i think if they don't like it, why read it? Hope you don't mind following your blog, i'm having an emotional up and down with prepaing myself for polygny, at the moment i'm hoovering in a calmer frame of mind, Alhumdulillah.

  8. Salam alaykum sis,
    Don't let some anonymous weirdo get to you. Obviously this person (or people who do that kind of thing) feel inferior to you and has no life whatsoever and just wants to bring others down. Really people like that are losers, plain and simple. And probably jealous too.

    Take it as a signal that life must be good for you (mashaAllah tabarakAllah) :D Alhamdulillah!!

  9. @ Em Hamzah...LOL, termites and beatle larva...funny! I am glad to be back! No rude people will get me down anymore. I have decided that I will just go on about my day and thank them for taking the time to read my blog :)

    @Amal.. Yeah, I dont get it either. At least they are reading mine and making there nasty comments to me, that means they are leaving someone else alone. :) Yep, it is my blog and I will write what I want, when I want. As my other blogger friend says, "You dont like it, go kick rocks" haha

    @Umm Assad, I dont know if they are Muslim or not. I got one crazy girl, cant remember her name, but I do remember she had a Live Journal page. She was Muslim and quite honesltly, by some of her comments, you would be shocked and ashamed to consider her a Muslim Sister. (She comments on the Post on me wanting to have children, go check it out and see for yourself) Shocking!

    @Jayaina... Yes...So good to be back:)

    @Sarah...Ahhhh, Pink roses.... Yes, those are very nice. I think I like Daisy's so much because when I was little they grew wild everywhere where I am from. It reminds me of better days. Makes me happy:)

    @Mrs Khan..Thank you thank you for following my blog. It is good to be back! I love what your husband said..Mashallah! Very good advice. And he can read my blog all he likes, I have an open door policy ;)

    @Umm Shuda...Welcome!! I am glad you are reading my blog. I soooo agree with you about the ups and downs of feelings. I am glad you are in a state of calm now. I go there once in a while...LOL Right now, I am in "freak out mode"..hahah

    @Ahhul... Thanks for the kind words. What is your blogger address. I have tried to check it out but cant find it in your profile.... Send to me please :)

  10. salaam alaikum!

    haha I was reading your post today and I was thinking to myself, I dont remember anyone named daisy.... A few minutes later it clicked in my head and I was like OHHHHHHH! haha. Anyway, glad to have you back and I look forward to reading more posts! Stay strong and InshaAllah everything will fall into place! Hugs!!!

  11. Hey sis,
    You're welcome :) anytime!




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