Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rajh's Office Story

Salaam to you all out there...

I thought that before I posted my latest Tales of The Office boy post, I would post a funny incident in which the tables were turned... Now Rajh has his own story to tell....about me.  The clueless American Lady who is supposed to be smart, educated, yada...yada..yada..LOOOl

So, I get to work last week after reading all of your wonderful comments on how to speak his language.  Mashallah!  Such wonderful comments.  And I want to thank each and everyone of you for the time you took to give me such advice......but I am afraid to say, you all wasted your time.  :(  Keep reading...

I took the time to learn some words to speak to him.  I was prepared that day when I proceeded to make a complete fool out of

I started with the basics..Hi.  (mind you, I am thinking I am going to impress him with my vast knowledge).  Then I ask for water.  He is just staring at me.  He gets it, after looking at me like I have lost my mind,  and proceeds to bring water.  I thank him, in "his" language.  I have this up on my computer and I am flipping thru all of your comments as I am dazzling the office with my new found language of Hindi/Urdu...whatever the heck it was that was spilling from my mouth.  Our CEO/MD comes to work at this point and I am like...YEAH! Now I get to ask Rajh if the "boss is here"...As I struggle to say it perfect, he begins to laugh.  An uncontrollable laugh from the bottom of his gut, you know what I am talking about.  When the face turns red and its hard to breath?  Yeah, that kind of a laugh.    I am confused.  What is so funny?  Wait for it...............

Me:  What is so funny?
Rajh: That is Hindi
Me: Yes.. I learned it to talk to you.
Rajh:  I am from Nepal

Enough said......

My husband was right  I am the girl from the "American Bubble"


  1. LOL, LOL, ROFL!!!!! so Nepal ah?! well, with a name like Rahj I guess he got us all good!! ;b

    Oh sweetie... not to worry, just take it as part of your share of Sadaqa for poor old Rahj... It might be he had not had a laugh that good in a while... LOL :)

  2. @UmmUmar...Yeah, it was a funny day. He had on a smile all day.....I, on the other hand, felt like an idiot..:) Sometimes its good to have lesson in humility......

  3. rflmao omg so funny, at least you tried. too funny. well at least he got some laughs too.

  4. Hopefully you will get a reader from Nepal who can help you with this.... LOL :)

  5. LMAO. Omg this was so funny. You made my day.

  6. LOL yeah that was hilarious!! I bet it gave him something to talk about with his peeps later on. Awe you and Rahj are bonding now, lol how nice.....

  7. We are kindrid souls...LOOL

    @UmmUmar...Where did your blog go? Hmmm. You seem to have disapeared. When I click on your profile no blog exsists and when I try to click on your post on my blog updates it says open to invited readers only. Is there a glitch? Everying ok?

  8. That is absolutely priceless!!! You both are too cute! I would love to be a fly on the wall in your office :D

  9. MashaAllah!! LOOOOOOOOL
    This is toooooo funny!!
    You just made my day!
    Thank you!

  10. ma shaa Allaah too funny! I have to read through your archives to catch up on you & Rahj's history....i'm newly following shaa Allaah check my blog as salaamu alaykum

  11. salams, hey you know, people from Nepal understand hindi, maybe because of all these bollywood movies they watch. next thing is there are 120 languages spoken in Nepal (imagine that) so you will have to ask Rahj what his first language is to really impress him... but it will spoil all the fun I guess.


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