Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need I say more????

Eric from True Blood...............Enough said..

Lower your gaze First Wife....Lower your gaze...

Even when he is angry he is a, a, .....ahhh... A good actor... Yeah, that's it!  He is a good actor..... (deep breath)

May God forgive me....LOL

Before I get any "omg, your a married woman" comment...Yes, I am married and my husband laughs at this "crush" of mine. This is a fictional character and I am not dead...LOL


  1. hahahahaah!!!i agree dear, well he is just errmmm . . . SEXY N HOT!!


  2. lol yea this is how i get back at my husband when he tries to make me watch some sports game with him. "I'm like wow babe # 22 is so..umm such a good player omg look at him." or i'll say "yea dwight howard really has some nice moves" he gets a little jealous but its so funny.

  3. LOOOL...yes Silla...very VERY good actor...LOOOL

    @Jaiyana..Yes, Dwight howard does know how to play, dosent he?? lol Have you seen True Blood?? OMG...You HAVE GOT TO WATCH... ;)


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