Saturday, January 29, 2011

The shocker for the day!!

So.... I take my 2 cats to the vet. The little female, spay and lion cut(shave). The male cat, just shaved.

You may have read my earlier posts about my little female cat in heat driving the house crazy. I figured the time had come to go get it done. Mind you, she is Turkish long hair and the male is Persian so this is the reason for the need to shave them. Also keep this in mind for later in the story. It gets better.

I take them today for their "procedure", since the Male cat has already been "fixed" its just the female under the knife today. I sign the paperwork, meet with the groomer and tell them what I want and they tell me they will call when everything is done.

I get a call about 15 min ago saying they were just about to start to spay the "female" cat when they noticed something.... Actually 3 things. One bat and two balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "her" bits and pieces were there for the whole world to see after the shaving. I am in SHOCK!! The vet then asks if I would like "her" castrated?! My little sweet girl cat is a BOY!! All the howling and caring on at night I thought was just her in the mood! Boy was I wrong!! I guess, since "she" is a Turkish, I could never tell. Then again I never closely inspected it either.

All I can say is "Holy Crap!!"


  1. ROFL!!

    Something similar happened to my cousin's dog... they all thought "Katie" was a girl until they took her to the vet and the guy was like "um, did you know your dog is actually a male?!" and my cousin was so embarrassed LoL!!

  2. LOL awww!

    & Luckyy! I want a Persian cat sooo bad. :p

  3. What a cute story! I hope they look great with their new haircuts. :-)


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