Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ohhh Yeah!!!

Time for the Happy Dance....The Check for the IRS has cleared and I OFFICIALLY have a $0 ballance!!!  My ex and I waited a long time for this day.  I hope he is enjoying it as much as I am..InshaAllah!

Whoop Whoop!!


  1. Masha'allah and Mabrook sister, this is such a blessing from Allah SWT!Debt is a fearsome burden and I know the misery it can bring, now that's one thing less you will not have to account for before Him, Which of Allah's blessing will we deny?- that is my favourite Ayah and reminder to myself- jazakallah khair for sharing your feelings, i really do feel like doing a jig! Hope you fell in to sajdah in gratitude (just a reminder).

  2. .....Shukran Sister!!!! Yes! I am truly blessed.. This has been years in the "works" lol We(ex husband and I) struggled with the IRS for a long, Mashallah!! we are free! As for the remider of sajdah...thank you for that. I will most definatly give thanks!

  3. Mabrook!

    May Allah (SWT) continue to shower his mercy upon you!

  4. And now I must begin working on rendering to Caesar that which is Caesar's. Just got all the W-2s and 1099s. Time say a prayer to St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes. May heaven protect me from the IRS. :)


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