Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!!

What will you all be doing to ring in the New Year?  I will be here with my kitties, drinking Diet Coke and loving my life!  Missing my husband since he is not with me tonight but knowing that our love is amazing and he is the best man in the world! ( I am a little bias)

This year has been a roller coaster for me.  New marriage, new family and the trials of "the search for number 2".  I have done my best to learn more of my religion, more prayers and inshallah, I have pleased ALLAH(swt).

I have made many friends, and not so many friends lol, on this blog.  I believe that I have grown as a person since starting this.  I have endured a couple of "potential" co wives and tried to be patient.  Inshallah, this next year my husband will find the right one for him.  A religious, mature caring person that is worthy of the amazing person he is.  Mashallah.  I pray for ALLAH to be with him in this process and ease the fitnah that this search sometimes causes.

As for me.... I plan on focusing on increasing my deen and being a better person, Inshallah.  I plan to learn more Arabic, loose some weight(darn rice!) and try to start a family with my husband.

And the Rajh stories will continue for

I look forward to keeping up with all of you in 2011!!!

All my best to everyone!!


  1. I'm still in 2010... LOL.. 12 more hours to go! But yeah... I think we've all learned a bit from this year and I pray next will bring us much needed peace... As for me?! I'm on a Deeny 'high' and intend to keep myself there for ever, InshaAllah!!! I admire you for your fortitude in supporting your husband's aspirations. Me? I've grown to be very resentful of women in general and Arab women in specific.. and I hate myself for that!! With regards to my husband, "it is what it is"... He's adamant about getting this done, and I'm just here for the 'ride'. But I plan this year to make a "come back" in every way... ONLY FOR ME!!! and keep moving forward, InshaAllah!! I have 2 precious sons to look after and I'm still an amazing person, so I need to focus on that and the rest.. I guess we'll see.. LOL

    Hugs to you sweetie!!! :D

  2. Happy new year! Inshallah you will be blessed with children and if you and your husband decide to go ahead with him taking a 2nd wife inshallah she will be a nice Muslim lady that you will get along with and not some evil selfish person lol. I'm hoping my father's 2nd wife will be like that too.

  3. Salam,

    Happy New Year to you all!!! I have 20 mins.. This past year has been a rollercoaster for me but Masha'Allah everything has turned to a blissful ending Alhamdulilah!! I plan in to bring in the year by reading blogs and writing in my journal (im not made to blog LOL) waking up my hubby to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! then go to sleep lol...
    Insha'Allah this year our marriage will grow spiritually, emotionally and take our deen to a higher level of understanding.

    I wish you ladies the best this upcoming year Insha'Allah. Be strong, keep your faith strong and keep smiliing!!! :)


    Mrs. Khan

  4. I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your husband (and possible co-wife)! <3

  5. Salams,

    I hope you will have another blessed year..



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