Sunday, October 10, 2010

Extreme or not Extreme....You decide..

I have had an interesting back in forth with a polygyny group online(which I am no longer part of).  This all started over the show Sister Wives which airs on tlc in the United States.  I, for one, watch this show online and absolutely love it!  I think it shows a great example on how people can live and thrive in a polygamous relationship.  Alhamdullilah!
Apparently, some of these Sisters from the polygyny group find this show offensive and haram.  #1-- They are Mormon....  #2---Its TV, and from what I am told by them, TV is evil.
So, it has been decide that the group will no longer entertain any discussion concerning the show.  They will not post anything you say about it because they don't believe in it.  CENSORSHIP ANYONE??  I refuse to take part in a group that will do something like that just because they don't like what you talk about.
We as Muslims are sometimes quick to point the finger at non Muslim's.  They are bad, they do bad things....etc etc.... Why can we not find our common similarities instead of focusing on the differences?  These women in this Polygny Group are too quick to point our that these sisters are Mormon..  SO WHAT??  My family is Christian and I still speak to them, learn from them and hope that one day Allah will guide them to Islam.
Ok, on the the topic of TV being haram..... Hmmm.  I guess you can look at this from all different angles.  From my understanding, the woman that told me that TV was haram was sending me the message on her computer...which, according to some scholars, is also haram.  Some scholars will even go so far to say that women shouldn't even use the computer without a male relative present.  Crazy.....
So, what I want to know.  When is too much too much?  How extreme do we have to be as Muslims to call ourselves good Muslim's?  Am I really going to burn in hell for watching Sister Wives on TV when ALLAH(SWT) knows that my intention is to grow and understand polygyny so I can benefit in my own life?
Will the man who trims his beard nice, but still has a beard, burn in hell as some people say?  Or how about me?  I work outside my home in an office with men.  Is hell awaiting me because of this?
Do we always have to have a "them against us attitude"?
I work hard every day to be a good Muslimah....InshaAllah.  I cover, more than just hijab, and I pray my 5 daily prayers and then some.  I am good to my family and my husband...Alhamdullilah!
So tell me, to what extent is too extreme??? 
This is not a court of law, no need to judge....


  1. I agree with you 101% lol. Tv is not evil. People need to open their minds and be more accepting of women doing positive things in general. All women regardless of faith. my message still hasn't been posted to the i'm sure it never will. smh

  2. Nope, it probably wont. Now that I think about it, this isnt the first time they have "chosen" not to post something. I wrote a comment after one of the sister on there was talking about how nice it was that her husband was on state aid for the family. How he would never work in a Kufur(sp) society. I was shocked! So I wrote in and voiced my opinion about how wrong it was. Never posted. I tried 3 times and gave up.

    Got to run now....watching a good show on TV...LOL


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