Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a moment...


Salaam Blogger world...

So, obviously we all have days when nothing seems to go right.  Too much on our mind tends to make do you say....FORGETFUL??  LOL

So I get to work this morning.  Grab my laptop, my purse and my bag and proceed to turn off my AC.  After I make what I believe is a thorough mental checklist, I open the door LOCK it and walk away.  On my way past the front of my car I hear the fan kick on.  Hmmmmm that's strange I say to myself.  I walk back to the door as I realize what I have just done.  I NOT ONLY LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR BUT I LEFT IT RUNNING!!!!!

No spare key and the remote is dead.  Ughhhh..  So, I have to make the dreaded call to my husband and tell him the fantastic news.  He asks me why?  LOL  I said if I knew why I wouldn't have done it...LOL

So....after almost 2 hours of the car running (now minus some fuel) I have my key safe in hand.

Some days I wonder how I even function to get out of bed.....LOL


  1. LOL First Wife!!! That must have surely been a "Kodak moment".. :D Alhamdulillah our 'heads' are attached to our bodies.... if they weren't, I'm pretty sure many of us would leave them just about anywhere!! SubhanaAllah.. just another reason to GIVE THANKS... ShukrAllah! could have been worse in so many ways!! ..I'm sure it will not happen to you again.. LOL ;)

  2. LOL, sadly I've locked myself out the house more times than i can count. Yes as ummUmar says it could have been worse. But its good to look back and laugh bet you wont do that again lol well maybe not for a little while. It was good he was able to comeback and unlock it for you. You have too much on your mind beautiful, eat some chocolate lol fixes everything lol.


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