Monday, October 25, 2010

A pig hu?? LOL


Salaam Alaikum blogger world...

Ok...I have to laugh.  I just got a pretty nasty message by some one who is "assuming" they know my life and my husband....  They called him a pig for "allowing" me to work and that he is "using me until something better comes along"..

#1---My husband is far from a pig....He is handsome, caring, affectionate all the things I am taking that you lack.  He takes care of all matters pertaining to household expenses...ALHAMDULLILAH!

#2--- Allowing me to work?  Hmmm..  Lets see.  I am a strong American woman who has worked my whole life...Alhamdullilah!  My money is mine, according to the Laws of Islam.  My husband "allows" me to work because it makes me happy.  And the best among men are the ones that are good to their wives...

#3---As for using me until something better comes along....HAHAHAHAHAH  sooo funny!  Dear Sister or Brother ....  I AM THE BEST!  If taking care of my husband, my family and making all in my life happy makes me a doormat...then all I can say is thank you!  By being a "used" as you say, is going to get me into Jannah!  Inshallah!

So, for the avoidance of doubt....always remember....When you point one finger out, 3 are pointed right back at you!

And no need for you to pray that God opens MY eyes....they are wide open as I ask Allah (swt) to forgive you for judging another Muslim. and another human being period!...AMEEN!

Ohh and by the way...the only fool I see is someone who gives ignorant comments on others blogs......when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful and stong Muslimah....No fool.... Sorry.


  1. Masha'Allah! *clap clap clap* Dont worry sis, you know you got it under control. True class Masha'Allah!

  2. Salaams, good post girlie glad you taking the high road. Its funny how people try to judge and they dont even know you. They may know 2% of whats going on and run with that. Big hugs to you this was great post, glad your not letting people's foolishness get to ya :-)

  3. Alhamdulillaah good for you! I'm so glad when sisters stop living like polygyny should be hidden away in the dark and act ashamed of our lifestyle. Our Rabb has given us this permission and no man or his arrogant/ignorant opinion has a right to infringe on that. Way to stand up to the naivety and the hatred sis!

  4. Hey you!

    Welcome to the crazy world of blogging!!

    I had a psycho woman harass me for a full month. For what...I have no idea...She is in Saudi and has -apparently- contacted the Saudi embassy in Ottawa about me. Not sure what she is trying to accomplish?

    Honestly I used to get bothered initially but now I understand that they are not normal period. Interacting with them gets me no where fast and only pleases them that they got under my skin.

    Be happy, live your life and let them fill their boots with hate. It is their fuel in this life and I will be damned if I provide it for them.


Life is too short to be hateful. Just because you disagree with something, doesn't make it wrong. I welcome your comments but please refrain from being hateful. :)