Sunday, October 24, 2010

I miss you America


Salaam Alaikum everyone.  Since I am not sure when I will be traveling to my home country, I though I would give a little tribute to the Red White and Blue.

The things I love about you...

* will always be on the top of my list.  How are you?  Still rolling back prices?  God how I miss Equate brand Tylenol....

*Pumping my own gas....You would think just having to sit in your car while you get gas is is.  But pumping your own gas then going in and getting coffee and a donut when you check out is even better.

*Green grass...fresh air...Maybe it was growing up in the Midwest but nothing beats the smell of fresh cut grass and fresh clean air. 

*Saying hello to people....Ahhhh the good ol "Hello" when you walk into a store.  Not like that here.

* Having Americans actually working the counter at McDonald's or Chili's or cutting your hair, road construction...anywhere actually.  Here, it's all foreign people.  Picture this...A Filipino working at Macaroni Grill.....haha  so strange.

*Walgreen's....God, you could get just about anything in that store...

* Target....Love, Love, Love the clearance rack!!

* MacDonald's cheeseburger's and KFC chicken...sooooo not the same here....Yuck!

* People that actually know how to It is awful!  Google it..  I cant even begin to tell you how bad traffic and drivers are in the Middle East.  Scary

The flag.  I love to go to the US embassy because I know I am getting close when I see the flag flying in the distance.  It gives me a feeling of "home".  Some things we take for granted in our life.  Who would have thought that I would miss a flag?  I do.  I would give anything to see it now.....Inshallah.. Soon.


  1. See you soon USA!!! There has been a change of there in a few weeks...inshallah

  2. We miss you too.. much love and Hugs to you

  3. When I was in the service in 1985 I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Japan. I practiced using chopsticks to eat rice at the local Chinese restaurant and was helped out by the waitress (a lady of oriental ancestry who pointed out to me that no Asian eats rice off of a plate, only out of a bowl, much easier she said.). Read Shogun numerous times to learn a smattering of so I wouldn't come off as a silly American- only to discover that many of the local Japanese spoke fairly decent grammar school English! After a period of two weeks I began to recognize the Kanji symbols for stop and go (pay attention to the street signs..) and began to bow (the Japanese version of the American hand-shake) and say hai (yes) and neh (no) and please and thank you in the native tongue. The end result was that if I had stayed too much longer I was in serious danger of "going native" as the Brits would say! My hubby at the time couldn't believe that I was bowing and saying hai every time he asked me a question! But the best part of the whole trip was the return to the states....the magic of being able to read the street sings and actually understand everything that was written on the sign! It was good to be home, warts and all of being an American. :)


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