Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the avoidance of Doubt

Salaam everyone.

I just want to make something clear.  I love my husband very much.  Even though I am struggling day to day with his decisions does not mean that I don't love him.  He is one of the most honest and caring men I have ever met.  I can not fault him.  He has always been open and honest with me regarding this situation.  This is my issue to deal with.  I have to learn whether to deal or not deal.  lol

He is an amazing man who loves me, takes care of me and watches out for me.  Alhamdullilah!  I am blessed.  Sometimes I have to remind myself this.

This doesn't mean I still don't want to punch someone...haha


  1. salaam alaikum

    In a time where its near impossible to find a man like your husband (honest, kind, caring, takes care of you, treats you well etc) i can understand why women would be lining up to be a second, third, or fourth wife. thats not to say it makes it any easier. Theres nothing easy about sharing a husband and in my opinion it has got to be one of the hardest things one can go through (the struggles, controlling ones emotions etc). Whether you stay or leave I do hope that everything works itself out. Just know that there are millions of muslim women unhappy and whose husbands only have one wife but treat them like crap. I rarely come across a sister whose husband is decent (sad but true).

  2. You are not the only person to contemplate these "gut-wrenching" decisions. Women and Men both Muslim and Non-muslims have thought about these options. Some choose to hide it and some choose to explain their decisions. I always like to be the devil's advocate and play the..."Why can't wives have more than one husband..." card. I know I can't handle more than one husband nor could he handle more than one wife; however, some can and they do it gracefully. Please don't be sad; try to find the silver lining in the cloud or to find the "silver star on the door". :)Please believe that your are not alone and can always count on your family for support even if you don't always see eye-to-eye. Right?

  3. Salaams, yes this is something we can do. Rene is right, if he wasnt a good man then nobody would be lined up to be with him. You have to count your blessings when you can. And enjoy the good days, try to keep things in perspective. Inshallah it will become easier. :-)


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