Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok, so my sister just emails me a picture of us two when we were little.  It looks like I must have been 4 and she was 9 or so.  Got me thinking how homesick I really am.  I went home for a visit last year and I know some people that are gone for years without going home.  I talk to my family all the time on the phone but it still isn't the same.  I think along with missing my family, I miss my Country.  I love my home here in the Middle East, don't mistake me.  I just miss "USA".  Cookouts, Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, familiar places and faces.  Not to mention green grass and snow...haha.  One thing I noticed since I became a Muslim, and this is a very hard aspect of the religion for me to get used to, is the segregation.  I am sure a lot of it has to do with culture but I miss sitting around with the in-laws playing cards.  Greeting family members with hugs and hand shakes.  Passing the taters to my brother in law and not having to worry about "crossing the line".  This is the part of life I miss.  I gave it all up for ALLAH but some days I wonder did I also give up my identity?

This is not court, no need to judge......


  1. I can't even come close to what you are talking about, but I do understand in a way.
    Since I am the potential (the one dating a family), I'm the one that gave up my whole life and moved across the country to where my family lives. I'm still in America, but I miss my city and friends and things that I used to be able to do.
    Now I live in the country, in a hole-in-the-wall town, and It is not always easy to keep from being homesick.
    When I first moved here, I was so homesick and struck with grief from it that when all of my emotions and problems with sharing came up, I just couldn't handle them. I was so focused on trying to accept my new life, even though I chose it, that I just couldn't emotionally handle everything else.
    I hope you are able to remember this when your husband meets someone else and adds her as a wife.
    I have tons of questions for you about Islam and being Muslim, but when I have more time I will send you a private e-mail. Also, could you maybe do a post on polygamy? Like, how you are going to set up the situation: will you all live together, will you share a bed, will you talk to each other and be friends or no? Has your husband found a 2nd? Sorry for all the questions :) Just trying to get to know you better. And thanks for answering the questions from your last post.

  2. can you skype? do you have a webcam you can chat with your family with? I know its not the same but its something better than just voice. I know it can be hard. When i got married I moved to a new state, where the only person I knew was my hubbie. At first I hated it. now I really like it here. Maybe if you skype that will help. Or if you can get a vonage line with a U.S number you can call them all the time for cheap. <3 Hugs <3 Inshallah it will get easier on you. I know what your saying the level of purda is different in different communities. Some majids here are completely separated while others have brothers in front and sisters in the back. I grew up with nonmuslim family as well so I am used to both sides.

  3. Love the survey app/widget btw so cute

  4. Salam...

    Yes, we do chat a lot on the phone, me and the family back in the states. I do have skype but my family is afraid of technology...haha I have a really good deal thru yahoo that gives me an USA number so I can dial them and they can call me as a local number. I only pay like a penny a minute...it is pretty cool...
    As for the segregation, I think that is the hardest to get used to. I rather pray at home because the mosques here are COMPLETLY segregated. Women have this tiny little room ont the side of the building with a speaker to hear the Iman. It's rather quite annoying actually. The one nice thing is the women only lines...haha At the post office, movies, you name it. There may be a really long line but you can always be first in line on the womens side..hahaha
    I MISS WAL-MART...HAHAHA Nothing like that here. Hmmmm...maybe a new business venture?? haha.

  5. Potential...

    Yes, deffinatly send me a message. aj197732@yahoo.com. Ask me ANY question you have and I will do my best to answer it. As for a polygyny blog topic, yes, I will write one soon, inshaAllah.
    One question I can answer straight away for you is this....NO WAY IN HECK WILL WE SHARE A BED...haha It is haram(forbiden) and I think I would freak out if that ever happened..haha If he is a good Muslim man that would never even get brought up. Then again, Men are men .... haha But as far as I am concerned....I would rather gouge my eyes out with a hot stick then allow that to happen....haha


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