Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a tip

Salaam to all of you out there...

I just want to say first off...I am so happy to have you all as friends and readers.  It's hard to admit when we have problems in our life to people we "know", ie...close friends and family.  This is why this blog is such a god send to me...mashaalllah!  I like to be able to get constructive criticism back from people who know of me not "know me".

On that note.  There are some readers out in blog world that I have become close with.  With that being said, if you are one of them, please refrain from using my real name and my exact location.  I like to keep some sort of anonymity when I blog.  I don't want people to find out who I am and tell this person who in turns tells that person...yada yada yada....then everyone knows who I am and feelings get hurt.

I come from a small country and everyone knows everyone.

This is just a little tip.  Thanks again for all your support!

JazakaAllahu Khairn~!!!


  1. Ok, Kathy from Brazil lol I will keep it a secret lol I think I have tried I will go back to any previous post and del any references now. I completely understand.

  2. haha....funny.. I meant my name and location...goofball. If you want to use someone elses name or your own, I am cool with that. It's just mine that I dont want out there...:) I know you wouldnt shout me out to the world...LOOOL


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