Thursday, December 23, 2010

And I wonder why I am tired.....

So....As you know, I love my cats.  I had them in my "previous live" , 3 of them.  Now I have 2.  I have a persian mix and a turkesh.  They are cute, adorable and sweet......

The first one is male.  We adopted him.  We got our seconde one, the turkish, a few months later at only 5 weeks old... Mashallah!!  Soooo cute...
Then the Male decided he wanted to carry her around and try to mate her...Poor little thing.  So, he got fixed.

Now, almost a year later....the tables have turned.  Hahaha. I have a full grown female cat who is DRIVING ME NUTS!!  She was fine one day and now she is in full blown heat!! She wont leave the male cat alone, who in turn has no idea whats going on, and she meow's and howls  all night long...I wake up like a zombie.

A female cat in heat is enough to make you want to pull your hair out!!  Ughhh.... I am sooooo tired!! 

So, I call the vet today and they tell me I cant get her into  have her spayed and shaved(i have lost the battle with the cat hair) until next week!!  This is the only decent vet on the Island(British) the others I REFUSE to take a flea there...I took my older cat to one after we got him to get his ears cleaned and they wrapped him up in a towel and he looked like a burrito.  The began to dig so much in his ears they bleed.  He was screaming and I had to leave the room.  The next vet we took him to was to get snipped.  This is a couple hour procedure seeing as how he is a male cat.  It turned into a 6 day event because the Vet had to "leave the country" for some stupid reason.  It was a nightmere.  On the 6th day they said we could get him, they had JUST done the procedure.  He came out of his cage having lost half his body weight due to them not feeding him, him and his cat carrier were soaked in urine and he was still full of anesthesia.....So no, no local vet will ever touch my animals again.....Sheeesh!

So I have to wait another week and listen to the "howling at the moon"....I dont care how cute she it, I think she will sleep in a seperated section of the house at night...haha


  1. Salam,

    I know what you mean. I had a cat and she did the same thing. I had to get her spayed. Now we have two dogs and we made sure they got neutured..Dont want a repeat!! :)

    Mrs. Khan

  2. Salam,

    that's why i never let my cat stay at the vet.
    for them it is just a job, and for me, it is a brother, a sister, and a niece (i hope i can get a nephew soon).

  3. @rialive... I know...How sad that they treated him like that.. I called every day and they said, blah.. I made a vow to never leave them for anything! Even procedures...Nope. Not going to happen. I used to work in surgery so I will be there when they "fix" her as well. I am not going anywhere! haha
    A nephew hu? will get one. :)

  4. I feel your pain! We have a male cat and during my pregnancy he would howl and whine all day long which left me sleep deprived (im a light sleeper whereas my husband can sleep through anything). We finally got him fixed and he was fine for a month or so and then the howling and whining started again =/ Now we have a 4 month old and he wakes her up constantly with his crying and scratching at the door. I would love to shave him as well because we find his hair everywhere (baby clothes, bed, you name it).. Ive tried squirting him with water but it doesn't work, he seems to think im just playing with him =/

  5. Yes...the cat hair issue has gone from bad to worse! They are both getting shaved pronto!! As for still waking up the baby, have you thought that maybe he is lonely? Would you consider getting another cat? I think he must just be bored.
    My male cat is fixed but he too "forgets" it at times...hahah They crack me up....
    Is he still waking up the baby? Ughhh.. Darn cat! The water dosent work. Well for a little bit it does, then yes, they think you are playing.
    Does yours attack your furniture? My old cats in the states didnt touch my furniture....These two cats have destroyed my furniture. They bypass the scratching posts and head to the couch.....I am thinking about getting them declawed. That is something I said I never would do but isnt it better than giving them away and then who knows how and if they would be treated. Lord knows how they treat animals here...... I love them but I also want to keep them....and my furniture!!

  6. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    there is an awesome brush that helps with shedding. its only awesome if your cat lets you brush him/her though!!

    I have to fight my cat a little bit but in the end I do get her LOL

    here is a link... if you look at the product photos you will see customer photos of how much hair they got off of their cats:

    you will find the best prices online too. I went to Petsmart when I was in the US a couple months ago and it was selling for like $40!!


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