Saturday, December 11, 2010

My latest addiction......

Salaam Blogger World...

So some of the comments I have gotten have got me on the topic of Bakhhor....My latest addiction.  There are two actually.  Bakhoor and Oud. 

Bakhoor and Oud are an Arabic Incence.  You place it on hot charcoal and the smoke fills the room with an AMAZING smell!  I light it all the time!!  Love it and cant get enough of it.  My husband "feeds" my addiction by bringing me fresh supplies offten.  When he goes to the UAE for business he always brings back a ton....he found a place there that sells it cheap. 

We use it when guests come to the house and I will light it when we are getting ready to go out.  My husband will usually stand over it with his Thobe so the smoke will get into the fabric.  I know of some women that will put the smoke in their hair after they shower.  When we have big Sheiks or Shari'a Board memebers at work, we will like Oud to give the office that "Arabic" feel.

Fridays before and after Juma are a big time for me and Bakhoor....the house is a never ending smell of my favorite.....
its called Touch Me..... It smells soooooooo good!!
I took some back to the States for my family to try.  I dont think they appreciate the smell like we do here..haha.  My mother ended up using the Bakhoor holder as an ashtray....**Big Sigh*  They dont know what they are missing....


  1. oh, i love that too. your mom is mom liked it so much she saved it thinking she wouldn't get anymore...she's kind of a hippie and likes to burn the cheap smelly indian ya hide the good stuff? my in-laws don't burn it on a routine basis...only special occassions. and the mom likes to also use the yellow looking crystal rocks, maybe it's frankincense. she will burn it and then put it in the frig. my kids like to burn it...they put it on tin foil and heat it on the stove, then walk around smelling all the rooms with the you got me going on it, i'm going to go burn some now..hehe al-determimne

  2. haha...yeah I am burning it as well... I like to get the bedroom filled with the smell and then go to sleep about 15 min after the smoke clears....

    Yellow rocks?? hmmm Never heard of that. I will have to check that out....something new to add to my collection ;)

    That Indian incense is smelly stuff...blahhhk! Some of it is ok but most of it is garbage... What do you call the "bakhoor holder"? I dont know the actual name of it. I found a really cool one that looks like a genie lamp with a lid with holes in the top for the smoke to come out. LOVE IT!

  3. o.k. i'm back. i just found a bag of the yellowy rock stuff, and the label says "mastic bakhoor". and the name of the bakhoor holder? good question, i should know that! we have a tradional one that sits in the closet with one side tip broken that never gets used, the one with a plug-in disappeared somewhere...we are the classic american family o.k let's see who can find out the name first,...i'll ask the first person that walks in the door. i think i want to buy a new one now...and ya, that indian incense is bad...i was shocked to smell it burning in Gazazz. al-determine

  4. You two are too funny!!! The "incense burner" is called "Medhan". Take a look at this link... I think you will like it!!! :D

  5. o.k. i just got into a big "hoohah" conversation with my kids on what the name is, and they don't know either. they said, "it's called bakhoor", and then they started making up names for it bakhoorie, bakhoorhoor ect...but they said omie burns it on a reguluar basis when know one is around and mixes hers..go figure. i think i'm immune to the "i need a blueberry yankee candle..hehe" al-detemine

  6. I love Bakhoor as well. My father would always wear the oil, and I love it. About a month ago I was at the Halal Market, and I asked if he had any bakhoor? He says sister hear. It was the touch package you have at the top picture of your post. This was the first time I bought it and I though I was asking him for the perfume, and not the Incense. So anyhow I got it home, and opened it up and there were these brow squares. So I'm still confused at this point cause I'm thinking well maybe this is a solid perfume, I've bought solid perfume before form Sephora. So I break a peice off, and to my credit I have also never used a Incense holder either. So I have my lil peice of "solid perfume" and I said to my daughter maybe this is how they use it over seas?? So we start rubbing our new purchase on our arms and necks!! LOL I thought it was strange but didn't really catch on until I saw this incense holder online, and then it clicked! OMG I'm rubbing incense on myself Hahahaha, I had a good laugh. So I still have the incense in my drawer, just need to get some charcoals, and a holder. Oh and I still really want that Bakhoor perfume too!!

  7. ask me in thirty days for the name and i bet i
    can i buy the bakhoor that you mention above "touch me" at the tamimi aka safeway store, or is it more specialty in the

  8. Let me ask my husband where he gets it. Some Arabian bakhoor place outside of Carrefor or Giant...cant remember. I will let you know


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