Friday, December 24, 2010

Job Requirements....

Salaam Everyone...

So, I have gotten a pretty nasty comment on my post about Rajh.  First off... I mean no disrespect when it comes to him.  I have my issues with his company putting him in an office that only speak Arabic and English, mean while, he doesn't know how to speak either one.  I have an issue with the fact that they push him into our office with no training, and make him stay there for 13 hours a day. 

My issue is not with him.

So, the comment came up when I mentioned my conversation with him to go get a Diet Coke for me.  I got 2 comments to go get them myself. 

We have an Office Boy.  His job is to do these things.  You mention his small wage and how his money goes home to support his family.  You are right, it does.  What would happen if we stopped asking him to make coffee for our guests, clean our office, get our papers, run errands and get us Diet Coke?  He would be without a job, that's what.  Then no money would go home to his family.  If you have an issue with what it is he has to do, then I am sorry.  It's his job.  He applied for the role of Office Boy.  That's what he is.  This is what he does.

Think of it this way.  Do you feel sorry for the Pizza Delivery guy that has to drive all the way to your house in the dark to give you your Pizza?  Poor guy....Why should he come if you can go get it your self?.....BECAUSE THAT IS HIS JOB.....  What about the mail man?  Poor guy, having to deliver mail to your house every day....rain, cold, sleet and snow.   Why should he do that when you could just go get the mail yourself?  BECAUSE THAT IS HIS JOB...  Why do I have to do power points, make excel sheets, deal with the Sharia Board?  Poor me.....I think the other executives can do this all on their own, and the Sharia Board?  They can pick them selves up from the airport.  Why would I do this??? BECAUSE ITS MY JOB...  Get my point.  We all have things we do in our job we dont like or have the attitude, "They can do it themselves"  But the reality is, if they did, we would be without a job.

My apologies to anyone if you feel I have "picked on Rajh" or somehow am less of a Muslim because I use this blog as my outlet from my day.  If I cant write in my "journal: ie blog, about my day....why have it?
I am an American living abroad in a new culture, new land.  This is all new for me.  Interacting with people from different countries that don't speak English is something I have to adapt to.  I never traveled out of the United States before moving here.  As my husband says, I and most Americans, live in a bubble.

I have said before I am no scholar, I am not "The example of a Muslim Woman" to emulate.  I am me.  I have good days and bad days.  This is my life.  If you don't like it, move on.  I have said this before..

I will still have my Rajh stories....they are funny.  They not only involve him, but they involve me.  It's comical at times to see us.  Some days my boss just sits back and laughs..  This is my life.  These are my experiences...  I will not apologise anymore for them.

****FYI... I dont just work so I wont be bored at the house.  Don't assume you know anothers life.  You know what they say when you "assume".... 

Salaam and may ALLAH forgive us all if we have done and said anything wrong...


  1. Good points First wife, you have not been critical at all. It's your life people should stop taking things so seriously. Don't like the blog your reading move on. I have with some because they were too messed up for me to read, lol. Oh well keep the office stories coming, they're funny!! :0)

  2. LOL!!! ...that same Pizza guy who would NOT come deliver our pizza yesterday because "they only had one driver".. yeah right!!! We are covered in snow and I'm sure the drive was too far away to even bother with it!!! :D

    Perhaps you need to learn some 'Urdu words... they are not that hard! and that way you'll get the poor guy happy and one your side!! ..he'll be getting you those Diet Cokes "pronto"!! lol ;b

  3. I don't know much either, but tell me what you want to know and I'll ask my friend!!
    friend = Yaar

    how are you? = Kia he?

    absolutely = bil kul

    Yes = Gee (like the letter ج in arabic, but without the 'm' sound at the end)

    (you)come here = Aa gao (again, the 'g' sounds like the ج )

    water = pani

    rice = chaval

    ground meat = keema

    hot = garam

    ...I'll keep brainstorming... but let me know which words would help!

  4. Salaams lol omg girlie u are too funny but that is so true that's your office boys job, it's not like your forcing him to work there lol. People have too much time on their hands when they can assume dumb stuff lol

  5. OOHHH sorry, mistake!!!

    How are you? = Kia see he?

    What is this? = Kia he


  6. Hey Lady,

    It has been a while. How are things?

    Just read this post and I had a few comments, coming from KSA where all the hard labor work is reserved for the poor Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladesh, and Philippinose that come to Saudi with the hopes of making lots of money to support their families.

    The general these is let them to the hard, down and dirty jobs because The sons of the nation find these jobs too demeaning. They pay them, as you say, well below minimum wage and their living conditions are hideous.

    These poor souls are usually sponsored by someone local, usually someone who treats them like crap (usually not always).

    They are servants. I would personally say more like slaves. This is just my own opinion and experiences but I would like to see this entire system collapse as it is based on superiority and discrimination in every shape and form.

    Sadly, similar things are present here in the west where we (the Arab educated) and immigrants, are unqualified to work within our education fields and pick up the low wage, dirty jobs.

    I guess the universe just knows how to balance things out...

    Happy Holidays

  7. Hey you! Yes it has been a while...(Still no place for me to comment on your blog :(

    Yes, I agree with you. Its "slavery" wrapped up in the title of servant. The hours they work vs the pay is awful. There was a story recently of a yount housemaid that jumped out of a 4 story window...just to get away. Another of a woman forced to sleep on the porch with no AC or barely any food. Disgusting.

    My issue, like I said, isn't with the "office boy" its with a company putting him in an office that he knnow none of the languages spoken. I feel bad at times because I get so frustrated but as I said, I am sure he gets that way with me too. My company is good to him though. We give him a ride back to his home when we are done. No need for him to be here that long waiting for a ride. Some arent that lucky.
    In the end, this is his job. He comes every day with a smile. Him and I are learning our own way of communicating...I still get frustrated but this is coming from a small town american girl that was never around different cultures before. Its an adustment to say the least...

  8. What do you see when you try to leave a comment? I need to get this fixed as I think no one is able to comment now.

    Please let me know

    Lots of love :)

  9. @FSW... It dosent even give an option for comments. It says "Posted by A Free Saudi Woman" and thats it. No option for comment :(

  10. @First Wife,
    I just took a peak at AFSW's blog and I am able to leave comments... so either she fixed the problem or the issue is on your side.
    @AFSW, Loved your blog!! ..very interesting indeed. I think you'll see me around there soon :D

  11. Oh thank you UmmUmarNy! I always welcome people to share their thoughts :)

  12. I've noticed that working in Dubai, usually the first friend you have is the office boy, next is the company driver, lol.

    Urdu/Hindi words/phrases I've learned (sorry for the spelling, I just know how to say it)

    keedehree? = where? (boss keedehree = where is the boss?)

    karoo = do

    saboo karoo = do wait

    jaldi karoo = do fast/hurry up

    chayeh = give

    chaveh = key (chaveh chayeh = give me the key)

    pane = water (paneh chayeh)

    malom = know

    malom nayeh = idk

    ooper ajao = come up

    ajao = come

    tora tora = little

    choop = shut up

    bus = stop/enough

    kesaheh = how are you?

    teekeh = fine

    teekeh naye = not fine

    kia ho ga = what happened (?)

    koch howa naye = nothing happened (?)

    Kana kaya? = Have you eaten?

    Ha, kaya. = Yes I've eaten.

    Nayeh = No.

    Thanks to the office boy and driver, instead of them learning English from me, I'm the one who learned their language, lol


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