Sunday, December 26, 2010

Me, The Office Boy and that stupid coffee machine!!

Salaam Everyone...

So, here is my "office boy" post of the day.  Exactly as the title of this post....Stupid Coffee machine!

Our coffee machine at work is identical as pictured here.  Its complex and the instructions are written in Dutch!  Every month or so it stopps working.  Flashes "De calc".....Ughhh

Anyways, the Receptionist usually takes this task and finishes it flawlessly...mashallah.  She is on vacation however this particualr day the machine decides to quit working.
That leaves the task to the office boy and me.  Good times!

Ok, so as you all know there is a language gap between Rajh and myself.  Now throw Dutch into the mix of things and it is a recipe for disaster!  What happened to a normal coffee maker?  Two scoops of coffee and add water...done.  Nooo, this one grinds the beans, makes cappucino, latte, strong, one cup, or two....sheesh!

Rajh and I have been working at this stupid thing all day when he looks at me and says.." fixing trash"  LOL!!!  Meaning there is no fixing something that is trash.  Sooo true!! :)

Anyways, he figured out the instructions via the picture and somehow we managed to get it working for now.  Without his help I would have still been standing there looking at the "Dutch" instructions.. So I sent him on break with a thank you, a Coke and a little money for lunch...

Raj did good today.....I just wont ask him to clean the toilet...LOOOL


  1. Ahahahah!!
    Yay for Rajh!! *clapping hands*

  2. LOL I hate how things here are in all different languages! My washer and dryer is in some language and I have no idea how to read it or use it, so I just send my stuff out :p

  3. Salam
    Im just wondering..
    Isnt Bosch a german company? they do have great support!! Well at leaast thats what i thought till now. Im sure u can find a english instruction on the www.
    greetings from germany

  4. LOL!!! sister has one of these machines and they work great!!!..when they are set up correctly of course ;b
    Well, well, well... Rajh is quite clever ah?!!! Reminds me of a line from the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" (one of my favorites by far!!) when 'Jake' says "Just 'cause I talk slow don't mean I'm stupid!".. LOL :D So sweet of you to send away with a "treat"!!! ..I'm sure you made his day!! :D

  5. LOL , good thing for Rajh gotta have coffee to make it thru the day. I'm drinking some right now lol love your office boy stories.

  6. Oh Rajh sounds so nice (and smart too). I wonder if he tells his funny office lady stories too? I'm positive you make his work day more fun.


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