Thursday, December 9, 2010


Salaam Blogger world...

Ok here is the issue....In my divorce agreement, I am to pay off our back taxes.  So, in September of this year I send the last payment..  $2,500.00 PAID IN FULL LEAVE ME ALONE...HAHAH 

I am thinking all is right with the world.  Until today.  They return my check stating that the numbers dont match the amount...?????? What the????  It is in my currency and they "choose" not to send it to the bank.  I dont have an American Check book here and they wont take my CC because I am overseas.  So what to do?

Then she tells me here is your new "pay off balance"  tack on another $50 worth of intrest!  No way am I paying that.  I tell her she will have to come and get it from me, which I have no doubt they will, because I REFUSE to send them any more money when they wont accept the money I do send to them!

Idiots!  Here is a person PAYING OFF THEIR DEBT and you "decide" you dont want to wait the the 14 days it will take to clear the check?  Tell me, people wonder why America is going down the shit can????!!

So I ask her, how would you like me to pay this?  You wont accept any money I give you........Her genious answer to me????  Come to the US and get a money order to send to us!!!???  I told her I cant talk to stupid people and hung up..........

Sooooo, looks like I will have to pay Western Union fees on $2,500.00 to send to my family for them to send to the IRS.......Dumb Asses!

Another good reason to be out of that backward country.........


  1. Snap, does anyone in your family have the same bank you do so that you can do a wire transfer without paying fees? And then they can get the money order and send it in for you? Or perhaps you can check the paypal fees to send to a family and see what is cheaper and quicker. GL I def feel ya pain on that. hate paying taxes!

  2. good grief!! ya, that's a load of stress to dumb as fast as you can. thanks to the ex

  3. WOW!!! ..and you were just here not too long ago!! Bummer..

  4. Eeep that wasn't a very Islamic reaction....and you are a niqabi too

  5. Thanks for your comments guys...Yeah, me and the IRS go way back...ahaha First name basis.. Thats what you get for being in a higher tax bracket and no kids or extra deductions....Ughh. Anyway, no one in my family has the same bank as I do. I bank at a local Islamic bank. Yeah, I was just there too. Idiots! They should have at least called me a month ago to tell me they wouldnt push it thru. As for the ex hubby...Nahhh, not his fault. It was part of our agreement, I pay the taxes and he pays the other etc.. Now I just have to make sure they get their money before the end of the year other wise they will hold his refund. I dont want that to happen. As for Anonymous at 7:23... You know what? People like you just really irritate me to no end! You have the gaul to insult me?? Really?! I didnt realize I had such a pious, without sin person commenting on my blog...My gosh! Shall I bow down to you??? I dont think I have ever met someone that has never done a bad thing in their life and has gotten permission from ALLAH himself to judge me?? Listen, the person I spoke to was an idiot. For them to give me the stupid response that she did is a stupid person. Not her fault she is stupid. "Stupid is as stupid does"... As for me wearing a Niqaab....and that has to do with anything how? Wearing the Niqaab does not "blind" me from seeing ignorant people or calling them out on it! Sheeesh! Would you like me to go with you because really.....I am in the mood today...Back off!

    And for the rest of you lovely ladies....Hugs to you all!!!! :)

  6. Too bad they didn't put it in writing. You could possibly hire an attorney and get out of it lol..but that would probably cost more than what is owed. Only the IRS can come up with crazy bureaucratic crap like this. Perhaps someone at the US Embassy/Consulate could be of assistance with arranging something?


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