Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday tales of The Office Boy

Soooooo  hahaha.  A couple of things today...

1)  Me:  Can you go bring me a Diet Coke?
    Office Boy:  (stares at me with a blank look)
     Me:  Diet Coke bring me yallah.

Now, this above task would consist of maybe 30 sec to a min.  About 5 min later, as I take a deep breath, I procede to the kitchen which is what I have should have done in the first place.  Gotten it myself.  I walk in to find him trying to light Bakhoor/Oud coal (charcoal) and has a cup of coffee ready to bring me.... ??????????????

     Me:  What are you doing?
     Office Boy:  (stares at me with a blank face)
     Me:  Stares back
     Office Boy:  Coal now?  Mafi olives so I make coffee and give u cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Me:   Procedes to the fridge, grabs Diet Coke turns around and leaves.  Shuts my office door and          pretends to be deaf.

Coke= Coal           Yallah=Olives  Where the coffee and cookie come in to play I will never know.
Ok, I couldnt make this up if I tried.  I really only have a little patience and I cant aford to give it all to him....

God help me!  hahahaha

2)  Me:  Whats your mobile number?
     Office Boy:  Yes Madam
     Me:  Your number?
     Office Boy:  Yes mobile.
     Me:  (Praying for patience at this point)  I need the number
     Office Boy:  Here, ok use(hands me the phone)
     Me:   Letting out a "grunt" as I give up and walk away........


  1. Subhan'Allah theres even servants at work? Wow the Emirates is really something out there when it comes to service.. I mean who cant get a diet coke for themselves :S.

  2. LOL funny. Yeah, we have it pretty good here. A couple points though....#1 That is his job. Just as mine is to do what they hired me to do, his is to do this for us. Whether it is getting us paper, pens, food, drink...thats what they do. #2 I am not in the Emirates :)

  3. LOL This is sooooo funny! Either he should brush up on his English, or you're gonna have to take a crash course in "office arabic" 101! Oh my gosh, poor thing at least he tried?? LOL :0}

  4. @Umm Assad,.... Yeah,I should teach a course.. Office Arabic 101.....Bless his heart...he does try. And one thing I can say about him is he shows up every day with a smile. Now that I think about it, he probaly looks at me the same way when it comes to comunication...haha. I now know what my husbands family thinks of me when I try to carry on a conversation in Arabic...LOOOL... Anyways...more stories to come about "Rajh the Office Boy"...Cute ones too...He cracks me up some days.....
    P.S...I have wanted to tell you that my husband calls me Umm Assad....(Thats my cats name)hahaha Actually its Asd, Arabic for Lion. Love it!

  5. LOL. Poor guy :(
    At least he tried. That deserves a gold star :p

  6. MashaAllah, soo funny!!
    I'm laughing out of my lungs!
    Ahhhh at least he tries... Allah bless him :D

    5 star for your patience :wink:

  7. LOL Awe you're Umm Assad too, yeah my lil boy's name is Asadullah which of course means Lion of Allah! Mashallah a great name!! LOL your in-laws I'm sure look at you like you do at lil Rajh, lol They're like "Oh Mashallah she's funny. I want to learn Arabic, Inshallah I will be starting classes soon. Oh another thing in common we're both from the Mid-west!! Shout-OUTS!! :0}

  8. @Umm Assad...Inshallah, I will start classes as well. I have tried to learn on my own but havent gotten very far. It's a hard language to learn. I tell my husband that any children we will have, inshallah, will learn Arabic before me...haha.
    From the Mid West?! Awesome! You know, the midwest is defined into two catogories.... Packer, Viking or Bears fan...LOL Go Pack! ;)

  9. What about the Lions!? LOL HAha yeah I know the Lions suck, lol but that dosen't stop my husband from routing for them whenever they play!


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