Friday, December 24, 2010

Any suggestions??

Sallam Blogger world....

I was wondering if you could all send some good Islamic links to this blog?  I, as a new convert, as well as some other "nebies" that follow this blog would greatly appreciate it.

Send in some links to good info, good prayer learning, surah recitation...stuff like that.



  1. salaam alaikum!

    I have a blog for reverts with links (as well as sites to be cautious of), videos on how to pray, motivational and inspirational videos of other reverts, etc.


    The sites above are some of the best Islamic sites I know of. Let me know how you like them! Salams

  3. for short Surahs to recite.

    It helped me learn alot when I began reading Qur'an.

  4. In addition to the sisters' comments above I really like:

    It explains word by word so you can actually start learning. As opposed to learning the meaning of a whole ayah which may not help too much when starting on new surahs.

    I was going to link Mount Hira too but the sis above beat me to it mashaAllah!

    The book, 'A Hand Through the Door for my New Sister' by Yasmin bint Ismail is good for brand, brand new sisters. I know you asked for links but it really helped me.

  5. Thanks for the links ladies some of these I never knew about, yay here are some more

    the ideal muslim book, online pdf


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