Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you

Salaam Everyone...

Thank you for all your kind words and wonderful advice...Mashallah!  I am back with a new attitude toward all you haters out there.  Bring it on... You have an issue with me?  I will not respond.  This is my blog, my journal of my life....You don't like it?  Go "skip rocks" as so eloquently said by one of my blogger friends.LOL

As for my Rajh stories...they will continue.  I have a cute one from the other day involving A4 paper and the toilet......but I will leave it for when I have more time...hahah  Gotta love Rajh!

Also, please send your Dua's my way as my wonderful husband is going away this weekend to meet a sweet sister to get to see if its a possible "match"  Mashallah!  I ask ALLAH(swt) for patience and understanding/forgiveness as I progress thru this period in my life.  I pray for a stronger deen and understanding of my religion and duties as a wife.  May ALLAH bless and protect us all from the whispers of Shaytan and help my love for my husband grow only stronger. 

May ALLAH(swt) guide all of us sister who are in this situation and give us peace in our heart.  Help us love one another and avoid backbiting.

May ALLAH(swt) guide my husband to do whats right and pleasing to ALLAH(swt) and avoid fitnah at all costs....(including late night chit chats on the computer and text messages that drive me insane and make me sad)  LOL

May he find a good Muslimah that meets all his expectations and then exceeds them...InshaAllah.  I pray that this sister will be happy with my husband and appreciate the great man he truly is....Mashallah!

To all of my non Muslim readers, family and friends.  I pray you all find peace in your life as well.   I pray that you are all doing well and know that I cherish each and everyone of you.......



  1. As salaamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

    I'm hap- hap- happy to have you back with the right spirit and such a beautiful outlook. May every one of your dua's be answered - ameen!

    Big hugs and many dua' right back at ya!



  2. Asalaamu 3alaikum u5tii,

    MashaaAllah walhamdulillah u r back. Don't let haters get u down, this is YOUR space!! Haha I love your Rajh stories LoL anyways can't wait to read more inshaaAllah!!


  3. Allahuma Ameen for all your duas. May Allah bless you with peace and happiness!! :0)

  4. Yeyyy!!! So nice to have you back!!! InshaAllah everything will be a-ok!!! you'll see!! Keep positive, keep active, keep Dhikring!!! Allah is with us, in every situation, so go get that facial and tell us more about "Sir Rahj"... With every laugh I get, there is always a Du'aa sent for him too... May Allah(swt) make his life easy and grant him all that is Khair!! Aameen... Not easy being at the "beck'n call" of people who have no idea what you are thinking.. LOL :)

  5. Ameen to all your du'a! Glad you came back :) And love the Rahj stories!


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