Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Titanic Obsession

Salaam Blogger world...

So last night one of my all time favorite movies was on the tube.....TITANIC!!!  This is the first time, outside of the cinema, that I saw it on a Big Ass TV.....I was glued to my seat just like the last 100 time I saw it!!   It's been 13 years but I still hope that Jack lives.  I still hope that the boat will somehow turn and that my wishing it will change history....haha

My ex used to tell me, " Why do you watch it, you know the end"  So true, but still, I saw it over and over again. 

And last nigh, I didnt move from the couch for the 3 hours the movie ran.  I could have been atacked by wild wildabeast's but still I sat.  And I still take a deep breath when they hit the water and curse out Rose when she wont share the stupid woden plank or her life jacket!!  haha...

So, I hardly doubt that anytime in the future I will pass this movie up.  I sincerely think that for the next 50 years every time it is on TV I will watch it.  I can only pray that on the 15th anniversary they bring it back to the Cinema and in 3D!!!

I will never let go.....I will never let go.. haha


  1. Like me and "Memoirs of a Geisha" - my Ex always makes fun of me "you've watched that movie 1000x and you know what happens..." but it's such a good movie!! So is "The Notebook" OMG I always cry whenever I watch that one!!

  2. Oh yeah...The Notebook....That was my next blog..."Say I'm a bird...say it..." " ;) The scene in the rain......ahhhhh, the helpless romantic in me....hehe

  3. Uh.. LOVE "Memoirs of a Geisha"! ..not too crazy for "Titanic".. Never seen "The notebook", and I keep hearing it's so good.. I'm gonna have to find a way of watching it, lol :D

  4. You guys are so going to hate me after I said this..
    I never watched those movie.. :'(
    my favorite movie is The Godfather. I'm so not romantic lol

  5. Girl!!!! You need to get yourself down to the video store and rent these!! haha At least then you can say you have seen it. And yes, the Godfather is also a good movie. Total opposite of The Notebook and Titanic, but good none the same.. :)

  6. @Rialive, I love the Godfather too!!!... great choice, a true Classic :D


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