Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Office Boy

Here in the Middle East we have office boys.  They are usually Indian and are not very "literate".  Some may know little Arabic and a little English.  They come here to work because there is nothing in their own Country for them.  They are paid slave wages if you ask me.  Our office boy is here 6 days a week from 6:30 am until 7pm.  He makes $238.00 a month.  Sad, I know. 

All they basically need to know is how to clean, make coffee and tea for guest and get copies from the machine.  Easy right?

Well, I have problems communicating with the "office boy"  We as Americans believe that if we enunciate our words and speak clearly, everyone can understand us....WRONG!!!

If I say, "Can you go to the Copy machine and bring me my copy?"  He looks at me like I am from a different planet...haha  But if I say, " Copy Machine paper"  he will know what I mean.  Basically, throw out all the English I have ever learned and speak like a 3 yr old. 

I commend them for what they do.  I however have no patience!!

I seem to have a new "office boy" story every day..haha  I will post them as I get them.  They are truly hilarious.....

Here is today's.....

"Rajh....Can you go clean the toilet?"..... Not even 1 minute later I hear the toilet flush.....WTH??  I leave my office to find him saying."Khalas....clean"  He flushed it must be clean!!  LOL  ( I just walk away at at this point)


  1. Uhhhh LOL i wonder if he actually has had to "clean" the toilet for ppl who can't even be bothered to flush their own crap :-/

  2. LOL
    I was just thinking about that. Like, I have to speak in broken English for people to understand me. And it's starting to feel normal hahaha

  3. That's sad. Isn't that like less than a dollar per hour?

  4. @aalia...Who knows. Sometimes I think he does it just to see me turn red...haha

    @amal..Yeah, I used to tutor English, got A's in High School...Now look at me. Reduced to this...Ughhh. Thats one reason I loved to go visit home (USA).. Everyone speaks fluent need to repeat myself..hahah

    @Amina...Yeah, it is sad. But one thing you have to look at is they have no expenses other than sending money home and food. Housing and all else is paid and provided. And the currency exchange to their money is good. So they actually do ok here. There is really no other job for them. No education, ......


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